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The Healing Power of Ayahuasca: Carla Mora

February 13, 2023 George Papp Episode 20
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The Healing Power of Ayahuasca: Carla Mora
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Introducing Carla Mora, an Author, remote Energy Healer and Integration Coach who has studied Buddhism, and self-help, read tons of books, attended many seminars and retreats, worked with plant medicines, shamans, healers, and traveled the world to high energy, sacred sites to find individuation and self-mastery. She is a master at finding imbalances within a person and bringing them back into harmony. Carla began her journey as a healer by writing a book titled “Hype: an Ayahuasca Journey” in which she documents her journey with Mother Ayahuasca while on a shamanic cleanse retreat in Peru and dedicates it to her late partner Shem. She draws on her many gifts as a healer and coach to help empower, offer to heal, and teach others on their path to healing and self-mastery.

In this podcast:

  • Carla's story with her partner Shem and her energetic awakening
  • Healing through Ayahuasca & the main benefits of an Ayahuasca journey
  • First experiences with Ayahuasca
  • Ayahuasca for understanding your role within the layers of the Matrix
  • Ayahuasca facilitators and what they can do for you
  • How you can begin your journey breaking through the Matrix

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Carla Mora

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George Papp  0:25  
Welcome to the renegade Lifestyle Podcast with me, George Papp seeking to empower you with practical strategies and information to exit the matrix by speaking to experts and individuals making the difference. Check out the renegade lifestyle membership, get access to our newsletter live webinars, which are packed with insider and detailed content from the team and some special guests as well. Again, I mean, I've had a recent epiphany that you don't have to be a tax slave, we have a solution to help you. So it's time to move away from a system that doesn't serve you. So if you do need help with that, definitely check us out on our website. It's time to rise above the matrix and become ungovernable. Today we're joined by Carla Mora, an energy healer and integration coach. Her website is time to heal us. And we'll we'll be talking a bit about that. So thank you very much caller for joining. How's it going?

Carla Mora  1:20  
Hi, thank you for having me. I'm excited to be here. And it's going very well. Thank you.

George Papp  1:26  
Excellent. Yeah. We had about half an hour chat before this, which could have been recorded. So hopefully we can live up to that, actually on the recording now. So. Yeah, I mean, we've for people that may not have heard of you and your work. I mean, you were on Anarchovid.

Carla Mora  1:45  
Yes, I, I attended Anarchapulco a few years ago, and Macey Tomlin and some others have moved into leadership positions. And Macy knew me and of my work. And she asked me to join him. So I did.

George Papp  2:07  
Excellent. venue, what was that? 2022? Yeah, last year. Actually, you can check her out on on Anarchovid. We don't get anything from that. But I just thought that will be good. It's good information over there. Excellent. Cool. So let's dive in to who you are, and your background and a bit of your story and journey to becoming a guest and energy sort of healer and go into the sort of spiritual realm that you are now.

Carla Mora  2:40  
Yes. Okay. So, I was in my past life. And you can see, by the way, they say this that I'm very practice that I was an executive assistant for a money management firm in Boston for 16 years. So I was also an activist and I had an experience I had an emergency appendectomy that led me to be a little bit more adventurous in my life. I said, I almost died. So I can take this shamanic pilgrimage to Peru. Now before them, well, how it got on my radar was I went to a meditation retreat center. And I got on their email list. And I kept seeing in invitation to come to Peru. And I thought about Peru before but and I got this sort of intuitive message that I didn't know was intuitive back then it was this thought that kept coming to me about the energies of Peru. And I kept thinking, what is this? That's, you know, it's this thought I kept having so I googled it. I looked on the internet, and it came up Machu Picchu. And you know, back then I didn't know about energy. I didn't know about chakras. I didn't know about any of this. I had taken yoga before. But I didn't know any of this. And it was all such a new experience for me. But I knew I wanted to go to Peru. Then the the emergency happened, and that gave me the courage to ask for the time off from work. So I said, I want to do this thing in Peru. They said okay, I was shocked and I went, and my partner at the time Shem he was trying to teach me about what I was a was because I didn't really know I knew shamanic pilgrimage, and I thought green juices and cleanses and yoga. It sounded divine. And I didn't really think about the psychedelics part of it and he was trying to show me that documentaries. And I was like, Can we not watch this and watch the Beatles documentary we were watching. It totally went over my head, I got to Peru. And when I was there, I was in for a big surprise, I had no idea that these things were the way they were. But I went in total blind and knowing that this was what I was meant to do. So I did, and I had the experience of a lifetime, I wrote a journal to my beloved, I said, Sham, I am not going to email you, or, or do any of you know, contact you in any way. If I have something to say, I'm gonna write it in a journal. So I voted in the journal. And when I came home, I shared the journal with him. And it was awesome. He got sick after that, and we didn't know what it was. And on Christmas Eve, he was diagnosed with stage for cancer, and he passed away. The next year in June, I was guided to publish the journal that I wrote to him about my whole experience. So the whole thing I was telling him about in the book, and I published it, and it's called hype an Ayahuasca journey. And so that, why did I call it hype? Because people have such interesting ideas about what it is and what it isn't. And I invite people to sit quietly and think about it for themselves. What what did they think about it? Nevermind going on, you know, the internet and doing all your research, how are you connecting with it and remove all that hype? So that's the invitation with the book and to show, introduce it in a different way, I suppose. But I was guided to do it. And I'm very excited that that it's out there. But then I was called more into this this path. I had quit my job to take care of Shem, he passed away and I was on this whole new path. I started healing myself, I started integrating what I was learning in Peru. And it's not just the Ayahuasca That is the lesson. It's the energies, it's the teachings of the shamans, and all that comes with the culture. And it's it's such a transformational experience. And I offer 10 Day shamanic cleanses. And some people are like, can we cut that down to half and 10 is really the number to take you out of your everyday life and break up those that those those ways thought thinking that that automatic patterns, right? Yes, exactly. Thinking that that is the only way may create some space in that for other things to come in. So that's why the 10 days. And so I might my the facilitator role. I was an assistant facilitator, and I, I never imagined I'd be doing this work. But I went with someone and did a co facilitator role. And I was then called to do it on my own because the person had different ideas. And then I did and I don't feel that they were being led by spirit more than their ideas. And so I stepped up to, to offer this. And so I'm doing that now. And I'm so very excited and pleased and thrilled to see what it offers people and how it changes their whole entire lives.

George Papp  9:17  
Wow. Yeah, it's interesting. It's very interesting topic, because for some people who may have not heard of iOS, or have heard of it, but kind of be skeptical. I mean, what would you say? Are the the main reasons for people to do a sort of retreat in Ayahuasca and can? Can anyone just go and go and join and do this or do you think you have to be in a specific let's say you have to be ready to take it.

Carla Mora  9:52  
I invite people to look at the readiness. Are they ready? And most times it's a Calling because you can achieve the things that you achieve with Ayahuasca without other without ayahuasca and other ways. There's meditation, there are so many different ways. But there is, you know, there is a calling, and if you feel it a resonance, even, even if it's not similar to what it looked like for me where it was like energy go find the energies of Peru and I didn't know what that was. Even if they feel stuck, a lot of people who feel stuck, this is an answer for or helps them find the answers. And that's a key thing to the, in the preparation, if someone thinks that they're ready for this, it's a readiness, there's a calling, there's, you know, if someone were to say, Hey, I think this thing can help you. I think there's there ought to be a period of reflection, and sitting with that, to make sure that, yes, and not just to think that this is going to be the next thing I do to help me, you know, right off the cuff, I think there there there ought to be an integration of the idea of, of going and once a person decides the energy that the spirit of Ayahuasca starts working with the person right away. Most times, for some they don't, they're not aware of it for others who have practice in, in their awareness, practice being aware of things. They noticed that they notice, and it's such it's an amazing symbiotic connection and relationship. So she call it as she Mother Ayahuasca is as the Shipibo Knievel people of Peru that I work with call her has a spirit. And that goes to pan psychic. Thoughts. i The idea that that things have a soul or have an intelligence. So she starts to work right away, and she doesn't leave when when the the the retreat is over. You know, when you're done with that. So

George Papp  12:36  
do I mean, it's hard to put these things into words? I'm sure. I mean, I haven't tried it. No, no, no, I wasn't even saying about that. But yeah, I haven't tried Ayahuasca at all. It's quite hard to find around these ways, but I was gonna ask you what your first experience was like with it? Because the first one is, I guess. I mean, actually, I don't even know. I mean, I've heard people gradually

Carla Mora  13:08  
finish that thought, What were you gonna say? I was gonna say

George Papp  13:11  
maybe the first one is the most like mind expanding, or let's say, most thrilling of experiences. But then actually, I've heard experiences where you, you learn something new every time you take it, or you bring in something different, and you have something else expands within you. Every time. So what was your first experience? Like? Again, it is probably hard to put to words, but I guess try.

Carla Mora  13:40  
Absolutely. And this is in the book as well. And

George Papp  13:45  
we'll have that in the show notes. We'll have the link to that.

Carla Mora  13:48  
Beautiful. So the the first experience was in the daytime, outside. And these factors play a part in that. In what kind of experience one might have at nighttime, we tend to it tends to go into the darker realms for the shadow work. And so in the daytime in the sun in the light, I had the most incredible experience in my lifetime. It was so amazing. And I feel like and I'm going to try to explain this that my we prepare people with taking what you mount, which is the cactus and mescaline. And the night before I had a vision on my hand, it looked like a tattoo and it looked like a grid. And I was like whoa, this is cool. And that's what I felt like I went into when I entered the the realm the iOS space when I went to the other side is it felt for me. I saw the grid and so Oh, there was something that appeared to me that said it was my guide. And it said to me, you know, you were in the because I had the surgery I was I was, I thought I was coaching myself. And I was saying to myself, if you're scared, close your eyes, if you're this breathe more. And I'm like, Oh, I coached myself. And so my, my, my boyfriend at the time Sham, he said, Uma, you did a very good job. We call it we call each other man pie. He's a mic. You did a great job. You You were your boss in there. I said, I know, Pat. I coached myself and this and that. And even the surgeon was standing next to the equipment. And he was saying, Are you an athlete, and I was like, No laughing like athlete. He said, your vitals your heart rate and everything is so calm, like an athlete, those that's those are athlete. You know, simple, whatever the things are called. So I was like, wow, that's interesting. So back to the iOS SCA, and what the apparition was telling me it was telling me it was a guide, and it was guiding me in those moments. I thought it was me. And the guy was saying, you thought it was you but it was me. And Hi. I'm here to help you guide you through this Ayahuasca experience for the first time. nothing but pure love, pure love, love, love, love, love, everything love. It was rainbows. But I didn't see visuals. It was all the grid and feeling and I felt like I was in another dimension altogether. And it felt like I knew the meaning of life like this was Love was the purpose of everything. Now, when you go on these excursions, you sit around and you open the circle with the energy very intentionally and you ask the people who came, what is your intention? So my intention, I didn't know what I was working on my intention, the whole time going there. And so when I came out, I was coming out of the Ayahuasca experience, and I was like, I don't want to go, I don't want to go, can we say just a little bit longer? My guide was like, No, we got to go back to Earth. And thirdly, rounds. I'm like, okay, so we go and there's helpers, we have helpers. And the helper came with water. And I looked at him like he was the first time I ever saw a human. And I was so grateful that he was there helping me and gave me the sustenance of life water. And I was like, thank you. I looked at him like he was God. And he saw that. And he said, he said, No, thank you. And I had no idea what he was talking about. Because I had actually done the work. I had actually seen what I was meant to see and feel. The shaman comes around, and she checks on you as you how you are and everything. So I said, I said, you guys did a great job. I said, Oh, my goodness. I said, I had no idea why I was here. I was pretending when I was saying. My intention was I was saying what I thought I was should be here for and I just learned, looked at her and said, You guys prepared me so well. You took care of me you sent me. I said I'm here to learn. And she looked at me and she was like, See, she's like, welcome to the family. Like she's like this one got it. So that was daytime, the nighttime totally different. And I was in these rounds of darkness and being taken around. So it felt like I was being shown in the first part, all the love in all of existence. And then the second part, all the denser energies and all of existence. And it showed me that I was an empath and that I had. I'd been feeling other people's feelings this whole time and working to help them with them, even though I didn't know it and they didn't know it. And that's what Mother Ayahuasca started telling me in. In this darker energy. She started saying, cheer your brothers and sisters on in the room, cheer them on. Give them give them support energetically. So I was laying under a blanket. And I was doing this. And I could see she showed me what another woman was doing in the bathrooms to help someone. So when I came out of that ice said to the woman, I said, Thank you for doing what you did. And she's like, What are you talking about? What did I do? I said, some people couldn't purge and you were purging for them energetically. And she looked at me like, how did you know that I was in the other room, I said, I was shown. And she said, Okay, so these are some of the magical things and, and, like how it's like, the light in the dark, and it was really beautiful. And I was told that I wasn't there for myself, but to learn how to do it, do things for other people that I was going to help people. And that, that wasn't Peru isn't for me, is for me to help other people. And so that was my introduction. And wow, it was powerful and beautiful. And I nothing I ever expected in greater than I could ever expect. Or think about.

George Papp  21:00  
Do you? Did you have any expectations when you first went in at all? Or did you just Yeah,

Carla Mora  21:08  
I didn't know that that was gonna take, I didn't know, I didn't connect. Like, I'd taken mescaline on the street before. And, you know, they they came by to to help us with our, you know, have the watch human ceremony. So I'm there and we're doing the energetic work, they have us do somatic work to create some oscillation for our denser energies to be activated for release. So we take the medicine and so I took mine and I'm walking with a bucket I found a hammock under like, high up I went in the hammock I was in the hammock all day laughing and crying. And knowing the perfection of everything. How did I learn that because of the way the roof was, it had a thatched roof, and I was looking up and I'm like, Oh my gosh, everything is perfect. It's perfect. In that one day. So all damn laughing, crying having the time people were visiting me because I was having such a good time. But they were in their own thing around the the retreat center. So it wasn't until dinner, that I'm sitting there, you know, I had no idea what was going on. Really. I'm just going I'm going through the motions and in the experience, and this guy said, Man, that was that was interesting day, he said, I have a very good relationship with masculine. And I looked at him and I said, what we've been doing all day, I've been on mats. Yes. And that was like, Oh, we like taking what people know is drugs. And we're like, it's this thing where we're, we're changing. And then it wasn't until a circle a song circle that somebody said something about getting out of the matrix. And I had been in activism for years, thinking that I'm some kind of Neil getting out of the matrix that I already got out in the matrix. And I know something because I know about some 10th amendments.

George Papp  23:29  
material stuff. Yeah.

Carla Mora  23:32  
And here is this powerful, you know, break from another matrix that I had been in. And I was like, wow, this is another part of it, or nothing.

George Papp  23:47  
There's like, there's so many layers, I think, like, I've seen myself burst through different layers, like the first one I think is like just coming to terms with the first one's kind of come to terms with conspiracies, and I call them that, but that's just how to label them. But let's see the truth of how, like, these guys who run this matrix world, whatever we are in, and coming to terms with that. Like, first you become angry, and you're like, I need to change everything we need to like protest. And we need to do some kind of activism, like you're saying, and then there's like another stage after that, which is like an acceptance of internalizing the work in you. You have to be the change that you want to see in the world. Because you're not going to like beat your slave owners. You know, basically, you're, you're saying that you're, you're owned by these guys, and you're basically a slave and you're asking them to change, but it's you that needs to actually do the work to change within sight. And then at that point, you won't be affected by those kinds of things. It does sound crazy, but you won't be affected by those realms once you do the work. And I think, as I've heard, because I've never done it, but iOS kind of gets you through that, that sort of phase of what this world is. And it kind of makes you leap into new realms and makes you see beyond where we are now. Which is very interesting. I have to bring this up, though. Obviously, I've heard more amazing things than good than bad. So I wanted to ask you, as you're quite experienced with it, have you seen any sort of? Now I'll put quotation marks bad experiences or like, negatives or sort of risks whilst doing?

Carla Mora  25:44  
Absolutely, absolutely. And this is where the the facilitators experience comes in, and knowing who you're working with the shamans and the team that they have around them. And so, so for myself, personally. I'm okay, so I'll go back. And I'll say this, there was a woman who was in the medicine, and she was having it's not it wasn't scary for her, she was having the time of her life. So it was kind of like she was stuck in that space of euphoria. And sort of like, yeah, this makes sense to me. And I'm gonna stay right here. And so the shamans took one of the tools that are worked with which is agua de Florida, and work with it to bring her senses to jar her out of and work with energy to jar her out of that euphoric state, to show her that the other things exist. So she could bridge back to this realm and come back, because sometimes it's the Eco, it's the medicine song that that delivers the person, if you will, back to this realm, weaves them into the fabric, gives them a soft landing. And it doesn't always the person isn't always I guess paying attention or resonant with that. So So these things can happen. That's what I witnessed. It was easily remedied. And she came back and she was, you know, giggling her face off, and everything was fine. For me, there are darker energies, I think. Yeah, the preparation is super, super important. I've seen things happen in the US, that is a different story altogether. I don't recommend this being done outside of Peru. But some people want the healing so much, and that's a reality. And I'm not going to judge it or be, you know, a police of that. But there was one place who didn't have the best ethical standards, they would bring in like 30 to 40 people, that's too many people,

George Papp  28:43  
just trying to make them money, I guess, turn over profit,

Carla Mora  28:47  
they making it like a business. And so there was a man who in their cars, they're there, they have the access to the cars. So the man got up out of the and I wasn't there. This is a second hand story. So please keep that in mind. But this isn't the only thing that happened there. So the man got out of his Ayahuasca ceremony and felt like panicked, and like that he he couldn't escape the energies of the Ayahuasca through his mind, so he felt like he had to make an action to leave. So he ran out of the tents going to his car, and he drove out into the street. Oh, well. Amazingly enough, there's an antique sign for an antique shop nearby. And it says something about forgotten treasures or something to leave the past behind it or make the past knew again or something along these lines, he read that. And that's what made him go back. He was like, Oh, I gotta take care of my stuff. He that was like his site literal. And he drove his car and went back from that time on, they took different measures for for the parking. But that's something that can happen. People can have panic if they don't understand what they're in this is something when I take people to Peru, we have Namaskar, we have massages, we have different things to tap into the psyche, to help them go into this, the watch Shuma, lemongrass, purge, tobacco purge, these are things that help start the process. And there are energies in Peru that help. One of the things that happened when I went this time, as I really saw, I went I took the people to the jungle, and we had the the river flowing. And the river, the there are spirits called up pues. And the upu spoke to me and said, I will allow the future, which is dense energy of catch one word to come out of your head and come into the flow of the river and go down the river. And I was like, okay, and I could feel it going. And then when someone asked me, you know, the retreat owner, she said, Where do you want the massage. And so she said, The maloca the medicine area, the the other another area or down by the river, and it's down by the river all day long, because the energies can go in there. So this these are the sorts of things that that that come up. And so that was a personal thing that happened with me is that I I took someone on scholarship, because I knew the person and I was guided to have them participate in a scholarship. And they had been working with denser energies in the jungle, and they were going to become a shaman. And so they came with me, and we're in ceremony. And all of a sudden now I told you about this other woman who purges for people. So this can happen in Ayahuasca ceremonies as well, where if you can't purge someone else in the room might be purging for you. Is that so it might be

George Papp  32:48  
purging negative energy?

Carla Mora  32:51  
Yes. So it could be like if someone can't vomit to get the negative energy out, someone else might do it for them. So this was the case with this woman. Now I had been working and I always want to go to Peru and have a clean bill of health from the grandmother and she say oh, you clean so I am working all the time to cleanse my energy, my energy, energy energy right now I'm holding this copper ball as a way to purge any energy and couldn't you know cleanse any energy between us? So I was in the ceremony I got this what an I don't believe in demons. But there are thought forms that create forms that are what the thought forms are. And there are some people who believe in demons and there was a demon thought form in the room. And I don't have it came right into me. And I started panicking. And I was like, Mother Ayahuasca came in common cool. And sometimes I think of her as that woman, the Oracle in the matrix, the movie, you're not cool with her cigarettes?

George Papp  34:13  

Carla Mora  34:15  
So Mother Ayahuasca came in and she's like, well, what are you doing? panicking? Like, there's this black team in this. Okay, do you want it? And I said, No, I don't want it. She said then let it go. And I said, Oh, okay. Because it had nothing to hold on to accept my fear of it. So it stayed. And I tell people I work with this story. And then another story of a matrix A thing that happened where I was on the back of a, you know, I was waterskiing and it was my first time I got up and then I fell down and the rope got wrapped around my leg and I'm there like, oh my god, I'm in pain in the redness. And then I was like, Oh, let go let go. It all unraveled, and I was okay. So sometimes it's the answer is to let go. And that's a hard thing.

George Papp  35:22  
Thank you very hard, but I think it's different. Yeah, I think it's definitely one of the most important things to do. And I thought it was really interesting when you said sort of, it latches on to fear. Because I believe that's, that's true. I don't like to say believe, because it's like, just believing in a concept by my, from my experience, from how I see how I'm seeing things is like, their fear leads to the problems and to get rid of that. I think you have to do self work. And iOS, because part of that journeys is and if people can't do it, or find blockages doing it without these medicines, I think, you know, it's a good way to break through, potentially. But yeah, I think, you know, how can people do it naturally, let's say or at least begin because there's gonna be people listening who have no idea, maybe what the hell we're talking about today. And probably think it's just, this is just, you know, hippie stuff. I've come to terms with the fact that the this is one of the most important topics in life to like, really break through the monkey mind, or to allow new energy to come in to you and your end to fill your mind with positivity. Instead of like a default negativity, which most people have, if they haven't done any sort of work on their ego or work on their self. How can people begin their journey? I guess it wouldn't maybe be iOS straightaway. But how can people begin that that journey to, I guess, self liberation within the mind and the soul, I guess,

Carla Mora  37:10  
the way that I started was through meditation and Buddhism, i The, which led to personal growth work, and there's a ton I mean, you can get tick tock videos can help you get through the day, you know, you get inspired, through the words there are mantras. There are so many different ways we can do gardening, walking in nature, a lot of people during COVID went into nature and this was one of the things that helped them with their monkey mind and that denser energy, the nature cleanses and clears a lot of that those overlaid denser energies which then can cloud the mind and lead us to illusion and delusion. So nature also cold plunges. There are so many different ways to help us ecstatic dance yoga, sound therapy, yeah, sound healing so many different things. And it feels like so many things are coming up at once for us to have, you know, no excuse to embark on some something like this, you know, and there are personal coaches i Today I finished my creation. It's called the I was going to write a book. But when I came home from Peru, I've written I've written a great deal of it. When I came home from Peru, I was in the I knew that purging cleansing is very important. There's a book The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Vander Kolk. And this shows what the shamans show that energy gets stuck in our bodies. So it's important to move the energy that's like one of the biggest things for release and how do we keep it out. So I came home, and I created this deck of cards, it's 44 cards, that shows each one a purge or protects or a present protect method. So my idea is for people to have three of the cards and do three, three of them per day. One of them might be to when you get out of your bed, do you cleanse your bed with sage or or, or something like this incense or Palo Santo, and you clear away the energies, maybe you went to bed and you weren't feeling your best, and you clear away that energy. And then when you're making the bed, you can make an intention for your sleep, I want to sleep very nicely and well, so you're preparing yourself your mindset for a great night's sleep, you're cleansing what the past was in your making intentions for the future. So some things like this. And if you can do a little bit goes a long way. And we can clear these energies. So yeah.

George Papp  40:40  
Yeah, I think ultimately, I've come to one realization that I think we are beings that are receiving information, and we kind of become that information. So if we're constantly watching the negativity, constantly, you know, bombarding our minds with that, that leads to negative thoughts, which leads ultimately to negative actions, even without you knowing. So I think it's very important to fill our time in our minds with positive energy positive information, you know, be around loving people, be around, you know, good, positive and inspiring information. So careful what you actually watch. I know, sometimes you can just just leis and potentially watch too many conspiracy theory videos, or even even while I don't think anyone on here watches the news, but just negative information in general, can really can really make you fall down a negative path. So make sure you clean that energy with positive information. I've been trying, maybe meditating even five minutes in the morning and at night. And, yeah, just make sure you you sort of get at least an hour into into nature, in my opinion, it really helped me personally as well, my, my journey. So yeah, I guess Carla, thank you very much. Where can people find your work

Carla Mora  42:21  
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George Papp  42:29  
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