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Preparing for Socioeconomic Disaster: Francis Hunt (The Market Sniper)

December 06, 2022 George Papp
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Preparing for Socioeconomic Disaster: Francis Hunt (The Market Sniper)
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Francis Hunt, trader, market analyst, educator and founder at The Market Sniper for a sobering conversation on how we can prepare for the unraveling global socioeconomic disaster dominated by the parasitic elite.

With over 30 years of experience and deep immersion in trading and technical analysis of various markets, Hunt devised the Hunt Volatility Funnel, a groundbreaking trading methodology that can easily be learned by everyday people. In addition to being an esteemed trader and technical analyst, Hunt also devotes his time to teaching this trading methodology to others at

In this podcast:
The controlled demolition of the current financial system & what to do about it
The New World Order Tax (Rockefeller Tax)
The truth about the pedophiles and parasites that dictate the rules
Self-Reliance w/ physical assets, precious metals, and barter
Francis's analysis on investing in Cryptocurrencies & Privacy Coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero) the best-performing crypto asset recently

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Francis Hunt
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George Papp  0:47  
Welcome to the Renegade Lifestyle Podcast with me, George Papp, an ex investment banker, now seeking to empower you with practical strategies and information to live a life of freedom by speaking to experts and individuals making a difference in their respective fields. I want to take a moment to tell you about the updates on renegade renegade lifestyle dotnet. It's still in the making. It's very close to being completed now. So all the members at the moment on will be moved over. But that's currently in the works. So soon, that will be fully completed. So hopefully by next, next call, and next podcast will will have that completed. And we can tell you all about it in that in that intro. So yeah, lots to look forward to in that case. But yeah, we'll keep we'll keep you updated with that as as we go along.

So today, we are actually joined by Francis Hunt, aka the Market Sniper. Francis is a trader, first and foremost. And he's passionate about sharing his knowledge and understanding of the markets from an awakened perspective and this sort of great, great reset perspective. He is very bullish on physical metals and discusses the effect on economics by the Great Reset agenda. Welcome to the show. How's it going, man?

Francis Hunt  2:06  
Thank you for having me. Glad to be here. It's going great. Excellent. Yeah, I've had, I've had my eye on your work. I know you're on YouTube, giving great trade calls and just your perspective on the great reset agenda. And the potential economic reset that's, that's coming as well.

George Papp  2:25  
I just wanted to get to know your background for the people listening who may not know your work. Just your background, and I guess your story on how you got to do what you're currently doing. And yeah, just Just some background information on yourself. 

Francis Hunt  2:42  
Yeah, sure. Interesting market started really early in life. My father used to travel between Johannesburg and Pretoria, which was quite a long distance in two prominent business towns in southern Africa as an Englishman. And sometimes during the opiate crisis, they carpooled, which was in the 70s. And I remember him checking the paper for two unit trusts performances along with my mother, which were called God Bank and old mutual, which are both also in Liberty life. Now. It's kind of in the UK as well, big institutions that ran investments. And this was during the early and then mid 80s, you know, often commenting about all this has done well, that's done well. And I think my mother's mother passed, and she'd received funds and invested it in that. So there was a natural, you know, a gaining of value, which was almost surpassing what my father was earning at that during that bull period, through all this work that he was doing that required him to drive a long way away, be gone all day and come back at night. So I was watching. This was half an eye. And eventually I had an aunt who didn't have any simple siblings or kids and that left to all the her nephews and nieces a little bit of money. And I put that in the same thing. So I could participate in this big easy that identified. That seems to be speculation in high risk assets. And I caught that all happen. So that roughly was going into the military, which was compulsory at the time, in August 87. And I was an August intake there was at a January intake. So all the failed university students, which I was certainly one have sort of done a glorious year and actuarial study went into the August intake. And I caught the crash within about a month, which essentially took about 45% away, about 36% of that disappeared in literally the first week and continued to bleed out quite substantially and many forget that was one of the most cataclysmic I think by percentage still, to this day, one of the most cataclysmic falls ever in a single day on the Dow and many of the US indices. And that was the also the beginning of the Greenspan era. So it was very seminal in a number of ways, both for me personally, and then also understanding who the central bankers were forecasts to down. And Greenspan was now in and he promptly said about cutting rates and providing liquidity. And we ended up of the end of the fourth era, which was quite inflationary, which I remember from school because we had to change our behavior to not create inflation. And we're doing all weird things like not covering our schoolbooks and spending money on various stationery and doing something else. That was a little bit more like homework, arts and crafts that involve not buying individual products, to fight inflation. So that whole era was very, very important that 70s era. And I was very young in but it's still struck. I was economically aware, for my age, I think. And that was just an interest. So that understanding of money and its role in status, and its ability to get you things was early in the pursuit of wealth, I was very much greed, motivated. And I got into trading because of that attraction of Fast Money. The notion that you could get something quickly, without having to develop skills to the same level as, say, a brain surgeon or anybody else. And of course, fell for the fallacies and the sizzle that goes with that, and then ended up going the long way around and deciding, well, if I'm to play in this game, it might be that I need to learn some things. So that's sort of my initial attraction, which was, which was pretty primal to finding it actually. Now an exercise and fascination of predictive elements, I follow charts, not narratives, a lot of people will say this, they'll tell you they contrary, and they'll tell you this, but in actual fact, what they present is not always very contrarian, or particularly insightful, we say ridiculous things on the basis of charts. So that seen us call a crash to single digits in oil, and at the same time be exceedingly bullish gold for a run on gold, that led to the pre pandemic, march 20, events. That was when oil was still you know, just under the 70s level, it's seen as call to peg fails on the Euro Swiss franc at saw unbelievable in for currency moves, collapses in currency, we're currently anticipating the same for the Kong dollar, which is a peg in a bit of a Chinese unwind. So we see the the dollar proving is a bit of a wrecking ball. And we've been dollar aggressive since around about 87. And really confirmed that 94. Now the amazing thing is, if you understand these key secular tidal events, you get to put your boat in the right place, and you get to have an easier ride. In terms of wealth accumulating, and even occasionally trading, we don't day trade, we aren't sitting 14 hours, I don't have nine screens here, too. And I get up and I leave my desk, you know, like a normal man. And I don't actually advocate for thrashing around in and out on short terms, but you do on the bigger timeframe get more reliability, and you do get longer trends. So you can get a situation where more often on most days, you're getting gifts rather than kicks in the backsides. And that just makes for an easier life. If you can read the charts correctly. And as I say, greater reliability, less prone to the random potential individual soul event, spike or dump.

And that's that's allowed us to do a lot of awesome things and live quite an amazing life. And to help others achieve that to do that. And within all of that, we get lots of narratives, things we see before other people because we following the money, which I call God's footsteps in the sand, which is the chart long before the narrative comes. So the dollar dominance, the oil crash, the pig crashes, these are all examples. We've, we've seen mergers happen on equities before there's been any news, and actually benefited from them. We've even benefited from a merger that was supposed to happen and got cancelled. And we got out at the target. And we had the entire run on the news and watched it fall back to where it once was. And that's only because we're watching and I almost call it the insist that the forensic detective which is the insider to charts, so that's what we do at the We've got a large amount of people that are pretty professional, were quite premium. So it's unfortunately money is a filter, people that have self actualized and have reached a certain amount of competence. Those are the best people who will get the most out of our product.

And we have the market they come over a lot of tech devs lots of engineers.

It is male dominant, but it's not exclusively so and it's around the world so it's well supported by American peeps. Thank you for that. And also English speaking nations from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, South Africa, UK, and even in the European continent, where it's second language in English. And we've been able to generally get the biases correct more often than not. And the biggest interest for us is that occasionally market participation, the best time for market participation is when you can keep your risk really tight. But you can get an expensive potential reward. So that's when you get what we call an asymmetry in risk reward. And that's why we have the hands volatility funnel, we look for certain market behavior that sees really tight behavior, but low volatility to extreme low volatility, that is usually a precursor to a major event to the upside. So pre earnings for an equity for example, directors aren't allowed to trade and you can find the market lulls. Now, if you if you can recognize the structure going into that you can determine whether it's continuation or reversal structure, you're likely to get quite an explosive move as the earnings announcements just before the earnings announcement or around earnings announcements, as one example, but you also get this in commodity. So we had a major copper long when Trump announced a major infrastructure spend, et cetera, et cetera. So you get news before the news. And by the time you're reading something, it's usually too late. It's usually priced in way before. That's our philosophy. How do you get in early? And how do you have asymmetry in your risk reward profile? Yeah, that's a couple of the principles at the market that we espouse. And we have an entire method for how to exploit those instances. So people come and learn and actively trade live with us in a community based environment, lots of pre recorded content for them to watch first, so that they get up to a certain level of speed. And then you do is it's not just about theory, it's about implementing, and doing and seeing and determining in a real market situation. So that's a little bit about us. Long Form, but not doing 

George Papp  12:02  
Beating that emotion and fear is probably the one of the biggest skills you need in that sort of trading environment. So it is definitely putting into practice. Yeah, as you said, but I think, for the listeners out there, why have we got Francis on? Well, he's got a background in, in what we talked about, but also as a, as an exiting the matrix, sort of income, if you're looking for an income, which is freedom based on this, like, location independent. Trading is one of those things. So it's definitely an avenue that many take. And it's definitely one that you can be location independent, fully independent, and be able to earn income and like, so yeah, we'll have all the links in the description after this anyway. But let's move on to your thoughts on the economic reset. As you discuss in your YouTube channel quite often, I just wanted to get your perspective on what you believe is happening.

And the end goal or the end game, obviously, we we can't predict everything in the future or anything like that. But what you're seeing happening, and what we're all seeing happening is pretty, fairly obvious what is going on. But from your perspective, what do you see occurring over the next few years in regards to the agenda and what will happen in economic terms in regards to investments, way of using money? How that will change? And obviously, the CBDCs, which that goes into, but yeah, just give them that give us your perspective.

Francis Hunt  13:41  
Absolutely. So what I think is obvious to you, and I unfortunately, isn't obvious to everyone. And we still make up a minority of people talking about this. It's quite clear to me though, with very little margin for being inaccurate that there is a controlled demolition being planned on our legacy traditional financial system, which is based in around banks that have a control over the issuance of money, which is we call fit, which is essentially Latin stroke, Italian for faith based system,

which means it's no longer backed by anything. It's trust us we good for it. And we've had a proliferation model that central banking cartels have all amazingly, despite being part of different nation states all seem to have pursued a proliferation of Fiat based model instead of sound money principles that allow Hayek Mises or any of those Austrian school type thoughts. So what we actually have is unsound money, but then there's no arbitrage opportunity for you to follow one particular nation state who has pursued sound money because everybody's Aleppo in this leper colony. So the

opportunity to exploit relative advantages being reduced immensely. Because they're all over it proliferating. They're all over indebted, and you just have degrees degrees of stink, they're all manure, but some marginally might smell a little less, or die first or rot first, whatever you want to use as your analogy or metaphor. So inherently, the macro environment, which is the nation, state, central banks are all essentially toxic. There's no currency, you should consider investable or worthwhile. They're all over indebted. They're all based on a debt based system. It's the fact that we're all remarkably similar. It's incredible. You can have various choices of cars, even within a German nation, you can have a BMW or Mercedes you can have VW, which will have a lot of brands from Bentley Lamborghini right down to a Volkswagen Passat. But when it comes to money, you don't have choice. If you're in America, it's the dollar, it's ends there. That's your cash nodes. That's what's received. You have no alternatives. Now, Bitcoin was meant to be this revolutionary, non governmental, entirely decentralized. Freedom Be your own central bank money. And there's nothing like having the opposition to a system they intend to kill, created by that same people that created the original system, because then they control both the thesis and the antithesis. And through that, they get the synergy, the synthesis, that is the actual outcome they want. So you'll have a left agenda and a right agenda. And they'll advance different parts of the synthesis depending which one's holding the ball on any given hand, but both hands belong to me. The one might be my left, the other might be my right. But on my left hand, I pursue that and on the right, and now you've got in the states a sort of left dominance.

You're seeing potential election fraud. In fact, more and more things are becoming more and more in plain sight from whether it's Balenciaga doing rather peculiar child based activities for the advertising that point to quite devious and potentially evil aspects you've got. You've got a president to clearly halfway to dementia. It's almost a comedy show and clearly not running a country. But is the almost teleprompter reader when he remembers which words are the ones to read? And which ones are instructions to start the next line? So it's absolute comedy at the moment? Of of, and you're being mocked? Yeah. When room when room collapses, like, there's always like a, like a almost like a comedy show. You can see it collapsing, because you're people that are meant to be in charge, or, you know, leaders are just not leaders or anything like that.

So the process is all the people have the power or the perverts, what do you do? That's essentially you have to get over the hump of accepting that truth. Most people don't, they have a sort of Stockholm syndrome, and they adjust and bend their behavior into a new morality system, where experimental science and medicine is totally all good. And they'll comply, regardless of potential outcome. And then there'll be shocked and be sure that it has nothing to do with mosquito bites that the pharmaceutical industry wants injected in you, etc, etc. So the point eventually comes that you either get over that hump or you don't many people are psychologically captive. And I don't encourage spending an abnormal amount of time on fixing that. You're more likely to establish yourself as insane to them or be reported or some, some other incentive, which they ever more encouraging in what is becoming a sort of Staci like existence, where you get strikes on YouTube and LinkedIn, and all sorts of things which has happened to us when you even query the World Health Organization's consensus on vaccine damage. 

So the game to recognize is what do I do?

These guys don't have our best interests at heart. In fact, they probably have a very aggressive population reduction, you probably they probably have targets that they busy working towards, particularly, ironically, particularly in the white Anglo Saxon nation states of Canada, America and Europe. More so. They want compliance citizens, which are more of the Asian variety. I think we will end up at about a billion but you know, you've got the Georgia Guidestones and all these other coincidences that all just seem to point to people in power actually actively going about setting about making it more easy to manage a much smaller amount of people. In other words, you are the cattle, and they are in this in minds, the supremacist Shepherd. So you're going to have your money undermined, and the way they control you is that you have reduced choices, one of the best way to reduce people's choices and to make them absolutely reliant on the not so loving Shepherd is to destroy any wealth that they could have this FTX I don't think he's even gonna go to trial. The media, the New York Times, Paul Krugman, everyone who's spoken on it, that's all seem to be part of a certain kind of profile, are confusing the issue muddying the water instead of arresting a clear fraud and thief

George Papp  20:48  
Going back to the mockery, his name is bankman. In your face

Francis Hunt  20:56  
But it is funny, I've seen that gag with the lizard people. It's yeah, it is almost comedy. And it would be I'd be laughing if I hadn't been caught by it to some degree. So it's been destructive and damaging to many. And the framing is, well, you know, you made a mistake, and what the hell, which is very forgiving on someone who's lost and essentially stolen and gambled other people's money, much like causing did in the traditional finance world, and all made off. So in actual fact, we perpetually get these shearing events where we are removed from our money, and it's all almost funny or laughable until you're affected. And then you realize that it's a criminal cartel that will never pay the full price for what they did. And we'll probably come back to an immense amount of money, and are actually heroes amongst their particular cult, for doing so. So again, what do you do? Well, you've got to recognize that they are absolutely the enemy, and you've got to start defunding them. So the fact that you're paying tax to them and feeding this monster, and helping it grow bigger and perpetuate debt and continue means you part of the problem. So until you're paying zero tax, you've got work to do, we've got to stop feeding these entities that are creating weird fake wars with Russia, how much is real, how much is fake, I don't know.

All sorts of other narratives that are breaking up the supply chain and actually causing inflation. So if you're a German, you essentially have had a green Genja rub down, you're rammed down your throat.

You've seen coal investments, and all of these things reduced you had because of Fukushima, the cancellation of nuclear, which is one of the cleanest, most effective power proliferation methods. And now you've had a Nord Stream pipeline blown up, which clearly wasn't the Russians because it was their infrastructure, which could have been something you could have leaned on. And now you get to buy liquid nice natural gas from Houston all the way from America at a much higher cost to you with all the associated costs. So your inflation has been jacked up, you're going to be three or four times more in energy. Your money has been debased, it's lost value your pound and your euros collapsed. So that's a further tax on you so debasement of money.

Inflation is energy is the Rockefeller tax, we already have a New World Order tax, and it's always been energy between the Rockefellers and the Rothschild clans, they control the Saudi production, they control, you know, shell, Exxon, all of these up old fragments of the Standard Oil actually got richer when they broke it up not poorer. We're already sitting in companies that should be anti trust broken up long ago, for example, Google with YouTube and Android, the two biggest search engines, the biggest phone operating system platform, and the reason these things haven't happened, is they serving very well, a master and that milestone is not you, in the name of convenience and safety, they do certain things for you.

And try and bid their way into your lives on the basis that you divvy out all your data on who you are, what you are, what your preferences are on all levels on all parts of your life, right the way to where you're traveling, what you're doing, what you're saying at any given moment, and to Whom are you most communicating, et cetera, et cetera, what your latest interests are, etc. So your meta data mined to the extreme, which is then sold off manage danger words are searched. You're already in a surveillance finance system with a New World Order tax as your energy even though you haven't realized that and you're now going to get it officially put in front of your face so they do what's a slow pulling back of the curtain. So now the World Economic Forum's conduct and various other aspects of certain styles like Tom Hanks and everything and how they sneer and mock you become ever ever more prevalent and you realize these people are slowly more and more connected so that when they eventually do confess, in the full, something that's always existed at the undercurrent level, you've had the slow dawning that you don't have the shock reaction. And I'm saying to get the shock reaction now take the bucket of water that I'm throwing over you right now, because it's far better to wake up earlier. And to take steps that predict protect your family, your wealth from a rapacious, vampiric or parasitic cult, that are hell bent on harvesting you harvesting you your money, harvesting your wealth, harvesting your means harvesting your children's blood so that they can live longer harvesting your life and your organs if they decide to potentially and that is illegal trafficking and most of it is being done by the dark states of the secret services.

And most pedophilic activity, all of the darkest, darkest topics we can dwell in, are actually coordinated by people that have a totally different inverted lifestyle to you where you broadly aim to respect people be respectful.

And you know, abide by a code, they have an inverse code, and they need people like you to live off because they're inherently parasitic. But the problem is, though, because of their psychotic nature, they've climbed their way to the top, and they are actually making and dictating the game. So you can either be a reactionary that continues to reaction, react, which means they are modeling and calling the shots. Or you can recognize this fact, get three or four steps ahead of that agenda and game that they're going to do. So that you actually know the next moves before they've already happened. And as they say, In chess, you need to be three or four moves ahead. Don't be stuck in a checkers game when there's a chess game being played. So by with a bed and you understand the protocols and the direction of where these people are going, the more likely you are to be in the right place, with the right preparation to survive this and to survive those that are valuable to family members, friends. So this is pepper, this is a max pepper statement. This is the you know, this is a call to arms, you are at war, there is a war being declared on you whether you recognize it or not. People are absolutely dying because of a medically created plot. That is essentially a lab based creation. It's not even the first lab based creation that is intended to infect humanity. And there are people that deeply resent the fact that you're alive and would much be much, much happier if there were 500 million or a billion people around. And I actually particularly targeting our ethnicity, although this message is for everyone, whether you're African American male, whether you're white, but they particularly scapegoating, the white European, but they are going for everybody. So if you're an Indian or an African in Africa, or in America, or Europe, they will they will be looking to reduce numbers regardless. So that's pretty much how that's pretty much the dystopia you have to understand. Yeah, and it sounds negative. But it's reality is when you first is when you first like hear about it, or kind of understand that that's happening. But then you kind of get over the hump, like you say, and you have to do something about it, or you just continue an input ignorance and just accept your slavery, which a lot of people do, right, especially now that random events will fall out of the sky that will lay you to waste or terminal illness. Yeah, cancer, like strokes, like blood clots in your system. Don't complain, then when these things suddenly before you if you choose not to be proactive, awake and questioning, yeah. In other words, anything, virtually anything that comes out of government during this time particularly has to be treated with absolute suspicion and scrutinized. And you have to understand their big agendas, and how anything that on that looks benign, actually could be serving those larger agendas from killing cash, from, you know, narratives about NASA, shooting down asteroids that are about to hit our planet and other fake narratives like that. All sorts of things are going on. But you don't have to dwell and become an expert on these straight away, what you do need to do is become self reliant. So if you think some of the things I've mentioned might be accurate, how do you protect yourself from a parasitic and actually

what they call a Satan, which is an opposition, actually, the word of the meaning means in opposition to a satanic government that is actually in opposition to and its citizenry. This is every level that means social, moral, financial, economic, you name it. So there's going to be a disproportionate representation of sexual perversions, Trump's agendas, all sorts of things, which you can get stuck in the weeds of. But actually, you don't want to get too stuck in weeds when there's a certain amount of time you have. And the key things you have to achieve are economic financial, self reliance, which should be food, shelter, water and energy, and also remoteness. So I don't believe in urban existence. I don't believe in the cities of Neo, the edge, which is essentially a 300 meter wide walled in a through a desert in Saudi Arabia. I'm seeing all these Belton road initiatives, you should not be captured by a modern vision, which would be a six G seven G type Society of ultimate surveillance, and a manner in which to pack citizenry, deep and high in what I call the coffin apartments of Hong Kong type venture

of grade density, where you can be surveilled and controlled that's rats in a cage, you should actually aspire to land you should aspire to homegrown and if not yourself and not your bag to be around others that are and provide some other useful aspects like being a mechanic. Your favorite car should actually be a defender Landrover, which has no chips, and is entirely mechanic and is written with a fall on the floor, as you say, in America, or gearbox, and a clutch where there's large availability of parts, and you can get almost anywhere off road on it. And you know, you're not you can ever have an Israeli with a laptop, drive you to the police station locked in your car, which is what I considered almost certainly feasible in these iPad cars that Elon Musk is churning out. So all your heroes are created for you. The real heroes are died under the terrible auspices known as Nazis, racists, all of them and many of them not at all, Tesla died poor, he was largely ripped off. All these people that have been created for you, as heroes from Elon Musk, and Einstein, largely have contributed to the advancement of most of these games. So anyone who's a hero, is it be suspicious as well. Localized people that are taking active, localized community building steps are the heroes of the moment, we've got a South African called one small town, I'm hoping to interview him. This is all about local community, local currency, everyone making a contribution, getting to know and getting local and actually opting out of larger government structures, which are expensive hierarchial captured entirely particularly at the top and subject to the central banking cartel, that they are now preparing to implode in much the same way as World Trade seven was imploded with pre planted explosives. Don't forget, they let people go to work on that day, they sent firemen up there. And then they blew up buildings, just think about the evil involved in that, and probably sat in tall towers, watching it and cackling with a martini in their hand.

Indicating can't wait for all the freedom and the backlash media we're going to do about this and all the wars in the Middle East, we're going to be able to create and all the oil market, we're going to corner, et cetera, et cetera. So just don't have any doubts about who you're dealing with. And this agenda is escalating, and it's quickening. And you need to have wealth in your hand as well. So which is one of the reasons why I'm a precious metals fan. I get this out. It's like my demo Kyllo you should you should have boxes of these. It will be real wealth, I will certainly take this and you can of course have coins, which are smaller denominations. So I'm a big believer in the metals.

digitize dollar digitize Euro, or whatever the case may be, which will be a full surveillance currency, which will run on the likes of a ripple or any other similar to that form whereby they can add deduct trace track carbon footprint you all the MasterCards. And the payment companies already putting in these optional carbon footprint aspects as always starts optional. It's always a thin edge of the wedge, and it always squeezes deeper and further under that door until there's no moving at all, and you're trapped in that prison sentence that they've created for you. That way you come back, that's really why 

George Papp  35:38  
That's really why we created the renegade lifestyle is, like you touched upon earlier is exiting all of the branches of the matrix, whether it's food health, just all of it economics, just every single part of your daily life, you should be working towards independence and self sovereignty. Absolutely. And that's in health, by the way, yeah, health and health. 

Francis Hunt  36:04  
Alternative Medicine has existed for millennia. And the chemical petrochemical solution that is proposed, only 100 years old, which came under Rockefeller and Carnegie is actually the new medicine. Alternative Medicine is the original medicine, from you know, herbs and all forms of remedies. So go back, go back to the ground, go back to the soil. You know, the one thing about South Africa for all its many sins is its, it was naturalized by farmers. That's a farmers nation, it's a hard sell to cause bottlenecks on the supply chain, particularly if, you know, you can get amongst farmers. But many of us live in highly urbanized, dense environments. And they want to pack us, you know, tight and high rise and manage us like sheep, and you should seek exactly the opposite of what they manage, you'd need to listen to the likes of Tony Blair, and the likes of Bill Clinton. Apologies for that I hadn't 

George Papp  37:04  
No worries. I mean, shout out to Terry Tilheart, Dr. Robert Morse, Clive De Carle, sorry, if I've missed anyone, but we've, we've had them all on the show in regards to all of those alternative health aspects, and, you know, great information on there. So let's, let's move on to the solutions, because I know you have many different ideas on that. And let's say economically, which is your forte. So economics, you have money in your bank account, which we also, of course, you know, don't advocate for having, you know, zero to very minimal amount in a bank now. I mean, to be honest, you shouldn't probably have anything but you know, if you're paying for something that has to be okay, but

What are your solutions to the reset in the sense of I know, your precious metal focused? Let's discuss how you people can hedge themselves from what's coming in regards to the economic side? 

Francis Hunt  38:09  
Yeah, so I just want to on the precious metals thing and says, I'm not always been. I'm not a belligerent gold blog since the 80s. It's been quite clear that had you been you would have missed out on the era of the culture of equity and many things. We've actually had a 40 year bull market in bonds and equities simultaneously. And the 60/40 equity bond portfolio is almost like that thing of legend. In my position is that now to fail, what served you during a certain era, and no longer serves you in what is a new era. And we're seeing a debt failure and debt reversal at the moment. And that's clear in the charts. The interest rates are stubbornly higher. It's inflationary. It devalues debt, which for those that are highly indebted, or with low interest rates, which are largely corporates. So let's just discuss inflation and debt. The people that are benefiting at the moment are billionaires that have borrowed cheaply and secured assets, because the assets are going up in value, partly because of the inflation partly because they derive and generate income. And that's well sought after now. And because the what they borrowed is they've been charged in interest less than what it's devaluing it in terms of the inflationary rate. So if I can borrow 10 billion, have assets that will actually serve us the payments out of the income and be in an inflationary environment where that debt 10 billion sounds a big number today, but it's being eroded very, very quickly. And those assets are going up on a compounded basis. It's a billionaire enrichment tool, because you don't get to borrow that level of money as an individual and you don't get to have that level of in

interest rates that low, too big to fail implied guarantee. So you will on a credit card pay up to 29%. If you're unlucky, depending on your credit score, I don't personally borrow at all. So I treat borrowing as a, as a Trojan weapon, that if they spike interest rates violently, they can force you out of your assets. So if you have a home, and it's not yet on a fixed deal, I would recommend fixing it. And even if it is on a fixed deal, remember they can Renee gone contract if an extreme enough circumstances come about. So anything you really want to own and retain ownership on, the safest thing is to own full title you don't own full title if there's any secured lending on it. So avoid all in indebtedness is point number one, because a spike in interest rates will flush people out of the assets, and as a Bolshevik communist ik agenda, which is very similar to what happened in the teens of this previous century 1915 to 1919. In Russia, they stripped the form of people of their farms, they land by weaponizing, the other citizens, the red Bolsheviks, that will largely non Russians, Georgian, and they were of a certain kind. So a lot of the sins that were committed in Russia were actually committed by non Russians on Russians. There was an orthodoxy Christianity, and they were the most tortured. They will file versions of torture were of the woman who were raped had hot ash put up their, you know, vaginal cavities, you had priests that had the skin kind of the back of their hands and peel back like a glove in their hands nailed to the altars. So they were particularly where is your God now? Part of what is tell them when it Kabbalists Kabbalistic ritual of mockery. So you've got to recognize that the descendants of these people are amongst you in your country. So again, you're at war with really vicious people and debt is one of their weapons, they are ursery extractors. And they want to put you on the wrong end of a compound interest equation that they can adjust immensely, suddenly, at the most inopportune moments when you are in a recession. And we are in a clear cut economic downturn, we don't do normal recessions anymore. And within that environment, say in the UK, you're actually got the energy prices going up. You've got lagging salaries, you've got buying power of your currency diminished or go the pound, and it's recent performance. And you now have an economic minister who's raising 60 billion in new taxes out of you. So you've been taxed on the energy in the global sense, you've been taxed out of the devaluation of your currency that you've been saving, and you're being taxed by actual tax requests for more money out of your system out of the system. So this is an absolute impoverishment game, unless you are having exceptional increases in income, you will not be going forward in real terms at any level as a citizen in the UK right now, which is why I've continued to speak about the winter of discontent, the possibility of grid downs very similar to what's happening in South Africa, they've had a separate special kind of mismanagement that went on there with a state based electricity provider that used to export electricity to most of southern Africa, now forced into doing grid downs, and actually suck poor condition, under maintain that they will eventually have contracted the ability to actually create energy and need so much new fresh investment, that literally they have to finish breaking it before anyone saying can go in there and start picking up the pieces. And that is the slippery slope of destroying the cult that I've described are inherent destroyers, they need to live inside of people that create things so that they can do their bit of destruction. So you're in an environment where all state based services are going to be destroyed. And you're going to be asked forever more money on ever reducing provision of services. So the best thing is to opt out of their system have no income, but be entirely self reliant. Of course, that makes you an enemy of state. They don't want you breathing oxygen and surviving. But if you do that, as well, so you have to be well armed, you have to form communities. You have to you know, barter, you have to have your own money systems, preferably gold and silver coins, bars, etc. And slowly establish an intrinsic money system where you barter trade, and you have people like minded around you. So those are all the action steps you take. You've got to also recognize that this is going to be a mental sale. So the news flow is awful. If you think listening to me sounds miserable. 

That actual reality of how far down the road they are with all these various agendas you've just had, you've just had an act of event of genocide be perpetuated against the whole world in terms of the cure for the mosquito bite malaria of March 2020. That we will not mention the name for. So you've got to understand this is a war against you. And those people will never be brought to justice, just like criminals don't take criminals to the police station. They don't check themselves in at the police station, check themselves into court and check themselves into jail. They find themselves not guilty, and they find you guilty of being of something. So there's enough laws written up that we're all actually breaking a law, probably right now, just for the things I'm saying. But it's about enforcement and who gets to do the enforcing. And SBF will not be

Sorry about this. Yeah, Please edit this out.

Inherently, we are, we're in a we're in that malaise. And you've just got to get local, and you've got to get rural. And you've got to work together. And you've got to start knowing your local farmer, knowing your local policeman, because even though is on the wrong side, and will be used as a weapon of enforcement against you. He has a family, he has children too. He might not be such a big fan of all this perversions. You need to educate him, you need to have him know who you are. And you need to do all these things. So that actually we can maybe get at a local level some degree of remote revolution or push back against draconian rules that said, robotics and AI is here. And Terminator, the movie is not near as far away as we'd like to think. And they will then not need to rely on local police enforcement. So the whole era of AI robotics, and this coincidences that the escalation in reducing population has coincided with the big strides made in robotics and AI, is by no means by accident. So labor inherently was what every human brought, and a farmer having his sons, particularly males, because of picking up bales of straw and plowing and various other high physicality exercises, was his labor for running a farm and his future ability as he got older, to live, eat, etcetera, the need for labor as that is waning, the ability for them to actually set about for a fall lower population number is absolutely being facilitated. So robotics and AI are not your friend, although that's not to say you shouldn't exploit them if ever, you have opportunity to inside a certain environment. But genuinely, this whole concept is the quickening that they can now bring into play. Now that they don't need the same volume of people to do mundane tasks. These can be executed by production lines, and robotics. So this whole coming together of all these technologies has also brought about the opportunity and the timing for what we're now going into. And as a result, again, get local. This doesn't mean at some point, the terminators won't come to your farm in some far off dystopian movie scene, and that they won't seek to actually just seize your land and put robots on it to run it and throw you off imprison you kill you whatever the case may be, it will buy you time and it will ensure that you're not part of the first wave that will be cold the easy pickings are taken first in this environment where people have suffered vaccine related death or injury to blood clots and myocarditis and various other things that people who elected not to or not having. So you know, the one of the benefits of not being vaccinated is I'm enjoying not having a stroke, Bell's palsy myocarditis, pericarditis, blood clots in my system, and all other forms of toxicity and early early stage cancers in facilities etc, etc. of not doing so you you will the great doll brain dead middle unfortunately will end up sacrificed. This is a polarizing event. There is good and evil. It is a spiritual war it's a psychological Ward's and everything war. And you have to choose your team and your your leaders have all taken the check. I was just watching a guy harassing the Danish Prime Minister following after and all the people that have died because of this and that and all of that and she's just ignoring and looking the other way and the securities keeping it away. They've they have no answer. They have taken the money and they've bought into Between junior members into this cult on the basis that they think they will survive and be some of those that are compliant. And if you seek freedom, if you do not think it's your place to determine who gets to live and die, and you don't aspire to that level of godliness that they appear to while being full blown atheists, then then you're on our side of the fence, and you've got to take action, you can't be docile. And we will always be in a high state of action. And when you're in a high state of action, that you don't get depressed. So that's what we do. It's quite a lot of what I'm saying is utterly depressing to listen to. I'm not winning friends, for quality of message, here, but I am a cold ice bucket of water over your head, and you're snapping awake, and I'm giving you what you need, what not what you want. However, if you start taking action on this, and you sell up your urban homes, you do homeschooling you buy a small holding around other people that are similarly like minded. You, you go and find a one small town. And there's a US Representative that is doing in the US at various states a level as well. You asked to be the guy for your state, if you don't already have one in your state, and you start getting people that feel the same, you will probably survive for a lot longer, and possibly win the whole game. Because the problem The one downside, the psychopaths that seem to have all the cards have is they are inherently psychopathic, they are inherently power hungry, and the scope and the potential for infighting is definitely there. When everyone is so Machiavellian, and is planning the death of other people, it's quite likely that they will also be planning how they're going to climb the infrastructure within them. And that is pretty Machiavellian. So the fact that they could turn on each other, at some point may well indeed start to take place. So we've just got to back off and be decent and surround ourselves by other people who have backed off and or decent, have a money system have a life. And there's a lot of good living still to be done. And there's many good years for people that have taken precautions, and there's space for children to grow up. In a normal environment, non perverse environment, non trans, this trans that transgenderism is a gateway to transhumanism, when it will be selling you how awesome it is to have the robotic arm with a chip that's stronger than the other arm and etc, etc. Don't be buying that you were born complete and whole, as a great a human body. And that's

George Papp  52:44  
what it is. That's what it is it comes down to that spiritual thing. Where you're, you've been fed so much lies that you're basically inferior, you're like so small, you're an accident, because you've basically been spinning on a ball of rock and you've just come from like some sort of small fish, then a lizard, then a, a

Francis Hunt  53:04  
You're not any sort of spiritual being that has been created by God, what's the book that's called the bloke whose name has forgotten me, you know, the absolute insignificance of Earth itself? You know, that that book he wrote, imagine how insignificant we are, you know, yeah, on top of being just a mere little silly mortal, the size of an end can't be more trivialized by current diction, reading and material. And actually, you don't have to absorb any of that culture. It's there to diminish you. It's there to detract from humanity, the decent elements of humanity. And what you're fighting is something that is beyond human it is it is something different. It is spiritual war, and it is a mental war. And the game is just sometimes just surviving on a certain day is a good day. And sometimes just moving forward on those agenda. So what should you do practically reduce balances in bank accounts, purchase useful things with that property? Land, tools, batteries, self reliance, solar panels, water capture systems? Aquaponics.

Ropes, arms, bullets, I'm afraid to say some degree of deterrence some degree of advanced warning, stay out of Amazon products that are cameras or doorbells that are watching you because you're giving up data. Eventually, you know, radios, which are not devices such as handheld things like this ham radio licenses could be your friend or a CB radio initially, all these things will be communication in an environment where they do grid down during SEVEN, SEVEN tax on the tube. A classic false flag that many Brits have no idea was a false flag.

The definitely a very good documentary, I think it's called something the line. Anyway, it's very 911 event for the British I must I must try remember this, I've watched it. But the amount of video footage that was doctored, because seeing is believing to make that case, the patsies that was shot in Canary Wharf for that whole case, they took the mobile network down, they cut power when they did their key event, because they needed to find those four guys that are supposed to die on the trains as blown up, and they realized they were being done. This was a Intel job gone bad. They were sent on a drill that went live. And they suddenly realize they weren't meant to come out of it.

there is no moral and there are utterly deadly, there is no scruple. And the end justifies the mean, and there will go about killing many people to achieve an objective of quite spurious need. So you have to treat the FBI, the CIA, well, your three letter agencies and the equivalents in the UK and everywhere else, as your enemy. They are planning and working actively against you. And they are a moral people, soulless wrenches, all of them, the fact that they are allowing to still work there, knowing the kind of activities that the agencies get involved makes them a soulless ranch with no scruple. Yeah, so 

George Papp  57:13  
I mean, that kind of is aligned with me, because I used to work for the investment banks in London, in Canary Wharf, and like you mentioned in the city, and during the whole pen pandemic, let's say, it was a choice for me when I could see what was happening, if I wanted to continue just to get an easy paycheck, for the time being, because I don't think that will continue. But I completely just disconnected and just found a way to really earn income, away from those kinds of systems and move away from London in general as well. I now live in the middle Mediterranean. Yeah, it's part of the European Union, which is a problem I know, but very much more rural.

So, you know, this is I think the solution first is to move away from all the systems and be become rural, like you said, get out of those major population centers. I mean, yeah, I can't say that enough now I think is just find a way to exit that and we do that on our on our membership help you exit the matrix and find location dependent income, as well as freedom based businesses that we can help you create. I know that Francis and the market sniper can help you become you know, location independent through trading as well. However, there's lots of collapses that are gonna happen, you see, and those can there is opportunity in sin as well. Yeah, you're lost. Lastly, just before we have to wrap up, I want to know your quick thoughts on crypto. Yeah, because it's quite divisive. Like you said it's like giving too low I think we've come to that solution that is sort of solution as well is that they've got both ends of the spectrum. They're like okay, here's the here's the exit. Let's get like a lot of libertarian types have moved on to like say bitcoin is the solution and stuff. Whereas us here kind of like no, it's fully trackable and traceable.

It is not in your hands as you say as well. What are your thoughts on crypto? What are your thoughts on the privacy coins? Because you I don't know if I've missed them but I haven't heard you speak about them much on your show. But I want your thoughts on on the privacy coins is pretty much where we we still have hope on that side of the  spectrum in crypto terms, we still have 

Francis Hunt  1:00:02  
The key issue with crypto. So my overall opinion is, they will never let you have your own money. And I repeat this, every time it's like a mantra, the ultimate power over you is that they have the power I can not to make us the laws if I am the issuer of money. Because every lawyer can be bought off every judge, every whatever, if you are the ultimate purveyor of man, you can create the funds, and the money that everybody else accepts as money, then you are the you know, you are the golden goose, in essence, so I don't think they will ever allow you to have your own money. And anything that does represent or come close to making your you give have your own money, is going to be a challenge to them that they will attack as an attack vector. So I never bought into the Satoshi Nakamoto story. It sounded like fairy tales for adults in much the same way we talk about Santa Claus for kids, this whole benevolent guy who actually has this trackable blockchain, where every every transaction you've ever done, can be seen. So that's like having online banking, that you blog with your bank statements on an open website that everyone can find in very good, you know, SEO as well. So it's not even hard to find.

The Privacy concept is the minute you deal with a, you know, that fungibility that they can't say, well, that Bitcoin was used for a drug transaction. So it's a lesser Bitcoin, then one that was honestly earned or paid and hasn't been stained. Essentially, one guy was describing it as sort of a 50 pound note or $100 Bill, where everyone who's passed it on, his name is written on there, and the course under which they utilized it, you only need somebody to have done one deed that's nefarious on the, and then it's tarnished. So the whole concept of privacy is empirical to every Monero being equivalent to another manera. Where there's not that history, the only concern I have is I know they jumped on fluffy pony and other South African from Eastern Cape about some civilian Casey had about in some other business, when he was in America and the three lead agencies grabbed him, there's just absolutely no way that I haven't paid some bakery bull, or disputed whether they delivered everything. And that was a civilian case. And I go traveling in America, and it's now a point of interest for the Federal Reserve agencies, the policing agencies, so it's quite clear that their interest in him was rather about his role in manera, to me, and as a betting man, and its privacy, then it was about whether he was justified in not paying a invoice in full. So have they then got a backdoor there. And then are you actually putting a red flag on you every time you use it, and they will not immediately react to you, but they will be watching you ever more closely and capturing that which you do. And you might be invisible to everyone else. But to the people you most need to be invisible, you might be extremely visible with a luminous neon sign put on you for every aspect of what you do, and be in a false sense of security. So that's my ultimate concern on that they won't let you have your own money, they're just not going to let it happen. So a physically held coin that I give you in your hand face to face is a transaction that I can honestly say unless you disclose and unless I disclose, nobody else needs no. And when you pass that coin to somebody else for bread, or something else, they will not know that I paid you for bullets or something else. So I take it right down to what I can't see and hold myself and transact without a device or anything recording wishes to someone else. That is the ultimate privacy, face to face. No devices. Handshake, done deal and it's forgotten. Quickly. I have that kind of a memory. And this was something very interesting I was buying. It will be lost forever. And that's the way I like it. So inherently, I like and want to like privacy coins. I just don't believe you truly get away. They have quantum computing they have technology beyond that which we have

Bitcoin, I actually think they are tokens that are going to outperform Bitcoin. I mean, if we just share charts, this is what I do. Just to give your audience a little bit of a look at that sort of thing. If we have a look at Gold versus Bitcoin if we have a look at a couple of things that have a look at this is actually Cardano, which are a bit bearish on if we go Bitcoin and let's say Monero. In fact, let me choose manera, which procedures the question was around privacy? If you ever look at the manera, for me, and we go BTC. Actually, if I go up on a bigger timeframe, we've done quite a bit of TA here. In fact, let's take it right up to a monthly.

is that fullest history? I think it is, let's go two weeks or weekly. Monero is actually in a recovery cycle against Bitcoin. And I can feel so this is Monero divided by Bitcoin.

Overall, technically you had outperformance here, you had this target over here get done very nicely, then you went into a period of concern with a broadening structure and you started to get volatility. And then you failing to make new highs, you're starting to peel out. So this was a top out, you broke that level, the key level, you had a return move, and then you're setting up bear flags, these are known technical setups, and rising wages that were actually part of Monero's losing value against Bitcoin. Eventually, you get into a structure here where you have a W bottom first, it's very volatile and see how spicy it is, then it's a bit more rounded.

And now you've had a little bit of a squeeze and you're bleeding up. And you're heading towards the point double o nine level, which if you make would end up being a W bottom, where that is a neckline. And that was a key level, which was close to the legacy highs that occurred a long time ago, way back in 14. So Monero has been around a long, long time, and deserves some respect for that. And that's projection could see you go up to the high side for Monero against Bitcoin. So if you have to be in crypto, I see funnily enough Binance and we've been Binance dominant. And it's difficult to like Binance, it's a centralized exchange, if you're in the freedom space, such a first name that comes out. But again, we called for this binance dominance to break out to the upside. In a lot of our videos. When it was down at three, we said we see Binance going up to six and a half percent, you know, on dominance, and so it has gone and that it ended up giving you the story of FTX, who's benefited most as a centralized exchange of the downside in FTX. While it hasn't been beneficial generally for the crypto space, but it's been very beneficial for by Nance.

And we and we continue to see that because if you see Binance BTC. Look at this dominance. In fact, it looks like you've just had a spike during the course of this week.

On the dominance this is Binance coin against Bitcoin, you can see an immense growth, I wouldn't chase in now after that bit of a shooting star potential to pull back a bit now, but longer run looking pretty good. You can see this was a continuation pattern. This is what we do you know the sniper circle. This is a very flat squeeze now, because this move is gone. So far, you've got a reframing, you can see that's log scale, this is now rigged scale. This is relative strength. We've been saying for a long time since May be in Binance. Rather than that I wish I'd understood that that meant FTX was probably going to go down. The second biggest and the first biggest was going to understand so we get clues as to what was the next in the news. So that's been incredibly strong. We also think Ethereum and I think a theorem is very useful to the control structure is going to outperform Bitcoin as well. So if you want to hold it, it's not I have wiped my mouth, you know with it, to gritted teeth, but I'm pretty sure that reveals we'll continue to see general dominance from Ethereum over Bitcoin as well at the moment. Although again, I wouldn't chase in at these high levels, it's kind of been kind of volatile. So we feel when you get, it'll come later, but when you get some form of squeezing like this, you might get some degree of correction. And then you'll go you'll get a major move to the upside, much like the bind and structure. But in the long run, if you're for the long run, you'd rather hold s, but I'd rather hold by Nance over both of them. And I've also shown you that Monero has actually been relatively strong too. So there could be a little run for the privacy tokens. You can see it working its way up and as I say you got that double your bottom structure if it It's up to this level here, you've then made a W bottom, you could break out and you could carry on up, as we illustrated in the other chart. This is a key level in and around the 9000. So, privacy is certainly in terms of Monero, I've looked at Zed coin up, looked at.

George Papp  1:10:20  
I mean, we basically, we basically only hold privacy coins at the moment, just due to, just for let's say, the the aspect of moral from us at our side, we have a few in mind, we that we don't like I said, Z cache is not private, private by default at all. So it's basically just a is basically a transparent coin also. But I wanted to ask you about gold. And I wanted to ask you about volting. Before we wrap up, which we probably definitely have these soon. But in regards to voting, because I prefer physical in your hand, right. But what are your thoughts on actual gold being deliverable, but in a in a voting facility at this point, because some people who just can't, or just won't hold gold in their in their hand at home, if they have

Francis Hunt  1:11:19  
both. So you are, for example, at home, the benefits are, you can touch it every day. No one else officially knows unless you've gone in sprouted your mouth. If you bury it, you know where you buried it, etc, etc. And they have to come and send a man with a gun to your private property, which you either rent or own to actually take it off you. That's the last confiscation that takes place. In my opinion, I think you should have a combination of both, we actually have four guys that are all directors, that's their South African and I know them well. They're engineers, they're qualified, you know, they've gone to unity, uni, they're smart guys. They've got a mission impossible with the zombie apocalypse plan, and all have that big vault. And they were in a piece of land in Latin America, that is God an American protector. It's honored, but it's not America. So even if the government went bad, it's got three layers of security of people that have got other businesses, it's an old Air Force Base, Howard Air Force Base, so they are the next best vaulting. And they will even do procurement for you. So you can say by me that through Scottsdale, Arizona, they get the delivery, you know, armored car all the way into the vault, confirm that it's landed. And you can see what you own what you hold, and you can go and touch it, you can go remove some of it, and you pay pretty reasonable rates for it. And particularly when it comes to silver, I mean, that's a kilo already. And if you you know, if you if you spend about 17,000 pounds, that's 25 kilos has started to get quite a lot to carry. So I would certainly say that there's the higher value stuff, you can keep more of it on you, because you can grab it and run, you know, a platinum and gold. But it's not plausible, of you know, it's not plausible to move fast and far. And suddenly, with a half a ton of silver, or a ton of silver, you know, it starts to be quite a big number. So it's useful to have a vaulting service that is really, really committed. So that's why we do it. And we and also you can own that metal in structures that aren't your name. So more name doesn't show up. So you can have a foundation for example, Tony Blair and Clintons have foundations who has used their weapons against them as well to own precious metals. And it can be in a different jurisdiction to the one you live in, unless you for example, live in Panama. It's not even in your home, it's not in your name, and it's in your will and it has your wishes if you drop dead, or you know a bumped off or whatever happens to you. And that you can have people that will execute and notify your IRS and the that asset will remain for them there until such time they decide to collect some of it or cash it in to buy a home or do whatever they choose to do. And there's no tax event by there because the the foundation hasn't died, you will die and death taxes are all the most insidious of taxes because it's already on money that's been taxed multiple times and shouldn't face tax again, but they seem to believe that any level of extraction is justifiable. So you owe it to your heirs to protect them from unnecessary taxation. If you own property in the UK and you die in your in your, you know, siblings inherited they often forced to be sellers because they straightaway get a massive bill

George Papp  1:15:00  
Yeah, it's definitely 

Francis Hunt  1:15:02  
Cash poor, the income poor and the balance sheet big, they have to sell the asset. So they will get flushed out of the great big asset that you're giving them on account of a tax bill that gets dropped on their lap. So you actually causing a problem for your is that they, that they'll curse you for, and they forced to do a whole bunch of things. And then they have to realize that acid just to pay a textbook that is pretty unrelenting and dropped on their lap. So you've truly got to starve them of income, it is your duty to starve them of income. And that means barter, your own coinage, your own trading and financial system, and lots of structures cross nation because even though they all the part of the leper colony, there are some variations, you just have to look at the lockdown. Would you have rather than locked down in an apartment in China? Would you rather have done it in Latin America on a plantation near a local town? Well, I can tell you one is better than the other by a long, long ass way. And would you rather have done it throughout winter in Europe while it's gray and wet and you have made to stay indoors? Or would you rather be in the southern hemisphere where it's summer. And you can actually still go on a beach and do windsurfing and kite surfing I mean, it's just about quality of life. Think about these things. And they require dramatic action, especially if you've got children in schools, everybody wants to move, nobody wants to do anything and your inertia is your enemy. Because let me tell you, this is the great challenge of your life. Your life you were born to face the single biggest challenge when whatever it may be as a god sat there and saw that is your life path. This right here is the biggest challenge of your life you happen to be born. Consider yourself lucky or unlucky. To live in the period where they have broken cover and the wall is there for everyone to see that they are perpetuating against you. As a citizen who is not part of their death cult. That's your life. That's the cards you've got given. Now how you play it will determine whether you're lucky or unlucky. You can stand up, be a leader be remembered make bold decisions. Or you can sit passively and say assures how hope lightning doesn't strike me and then go and eat somebody else first, and then have a random event take you which you never

George Papp  1:17:30  
seen, we would rather die I think we would rather die on our feet than live on our knees. Right? So I think that's that's, I guess a good way to end

Unknown Speaker  1:17:41  
Brain that has subconscious intelligence that is aware of that. It's like being a Norman that sits on his knees praying to God while a Viking longboats are coming, and they're charging down the hill with an axe swinging to take your head off no amount of prayer and hoping it won't happen and hoping they won't see is going to save you you can and shall be beheaded.

George Papp  1:18:04  
And the power is in your hands and

Unknown Speaker  1:18:08  
God helps those who help themselves pretty much. 

George Papp  1:18:11  
Yeah, the radical action is needed and you know, people to touch on the point people who have kids in schools I mean, I don't want to give you exactly radical action to advise to take by me if I if I was your I wouldn't be leaving them in the indoctrination camps of government schools at this moment in time. So yeah, I mean, you it's just all benefits to move everything out of the system. That's the goal of the renegade lifestyle. And what you guys are doing there are market snipers,

Francis Hunt  1:18:45  
they should keep cash instead of money in the bank, because they will have to honor those at least give you a time to come in and trade them in for whatever bullshit they bring in. And in during the problem reaction solution period. ATMs will be empty, they'll be destroyed, there'll be attacked by BLM types, riots, whatever the case may be, you won't be able to get any form of cash. So as long as it's still a system, it'll still be knowledge. So it's kind of ironic to be anti Fayette, but actually to say physical notes beyond the normal, and silver and gold coins in all denominations and sizes will be your friend. And then all the things you normally would need to buy as much of it as you can get self reliance really. In other words, grow the trees have friends that are growing, the other ones swap otter, these are all non taxable events that just see you get what you need without paying VAT without feeding the beast. The game is to see how little you can feed that beast until your communities that are thriving and that they're getting zero tax revenue from that's going to infuriate them.

George Papp  1:19:57  
Yeah. So where can people find your work?

Francis Hunt  1:20:00 real opportunities in the manner that the dominoes are going to fall to Actually Trade and build wealth in spite of the counterparty risk that will be in existence, and how to bias your book for benefiting through charts, which show the real steps in the sand on terms of how the grade system is going down what it's failing at. This has seen as call some of them calls I've already mentioned, that have been really, really highly beneficial built substantial wealth, you need patience, you need to own your own outcomes, you need a skill, nobody builds exceptional wealth without skill. This is not for gamblers, there's a real process, you don't respond emotionally, that you have to submit to. And we do all the training with that with real good quality recorded videos and content and a community interacting that with regular webinars, regular updates from me, and live trading days, etc, to help you build wealth during reset times. Because we can see what they doing because they have to use markets, and they have to activate in markets and we can see what's happening through the charts. The closest thing to the truth where there is free markets is the charts. And we will we will we will build wealth utilizing that and continue to do that. And take into the research topics follow us on the YouTube channels the market sniper, the crypto sniper, go and book a call on our website, the market Follow us on Twitter on the market sniper in the crypto sniper and get a bit of a taste. So you can come and have a trading day for as little as $197 if you just want to kick the tires, and see what we're all about.

George Papp  1:21:44  
Perfect. Nice on Francis, thank you very much. And from our side, check out the new website renegade There is information up there and everything will be everything will be on there very shortly in regards to all content. Also sort of share and subscribe to the to the podcast. If you believe it will be helpful to anyone that you know definitely share. Share our podcast with them. Yeah, I think peace and love to your guys and thanks for listening.

Francis Hunt  1:22:19  
Take Action is pure medicine for the soul, the mindsets and everything sitting in the headlights paralyzed is the worst thing you can do. Start taking positive action, even if it's trimming your closet and lightening up turning some things into cash. All of these are great starts that build and each day, you've got more time than you realize achieve a small thing every day towards your preparation for this, and you will be significantly better. Even if you're not perfectly set. By being significantly better, you will get a better outcome out of this. There is actually an opportunity for heroes and leaders to be born. It's not all negative in every great gray cloud is a silver lining. And we're here to help and people like yourself are doing God's work and many others join up. Community up. We're going to carry each other home.

George Papp  1:23:14  
Nice. Well, thanks, Francis. Man. Thanks for joining. We'll speak soon.

Francis Hunt  1:23:18  
Thank you for asking me