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Go Beyond Fear and Find True Freedom: Corey

October 10, 2022 George Papp Season 2 Episode 3
Renegade Lifestyle
Go Beyond Fear and Find True Freedom: Corey
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Corey has gained his financial freedom using cryptocurrency, discovered healing modalities that have allowed him to heal different ailments, and devoted his time to his passions and entrepreneurial endeavours while pursuing self-sufficiency and independence from the system. Draw lessons from his journey as we discuss cryptocurrencies, health and spirituality. As a Canadian native who comes from a middle-class background – initially unsatisfied and unfulfilled, he sought adventures and travelled while exploring different ways of life through many jobs and learning many skills.

Crypto: We expose more corruption in the current fiat system and use privacy coins like Monero, Dero and PirateChain to combat the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Discover the real truth about your wealth held in the bank with current world news examples of the slippery slope towards a bail-in. Corey also discusses the loss of decentralization in the Ethereum blockchain and misleading scare tactics on the Bitcoin sustainability narrative being pushed by the globalists. Realize that they do not want you to take your wealth out of their system! He wraps up this segment with some terrifying predictions.

Health & Wellness: Corey details his health journey as he achieves a full 10-day water fast by cleansing and expelling waste built up in his body over many years. He shares his experience about our diet, our gut health, our hunger pains and how they relate to the parasites inhabiting your intestines. Corey concludes that these parasites control your mind by inflicting pain and shares practical steps on how you can begin to find the health you've always wanted.

Spirituality: Recognize how fear keeps you locked into your 9 to 5 job and learn practical steps you can take to deal with fear in your life and realize your true potential. Corey encourages you to seek solutions internally within yourself and to begin to break free from the fear as you create the life that you desire.

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George Papp  0:02  
Welcome to the Conscious Renegade podcast with me George Papp, an ex-investment banker now seeking to empower you with practical strategies to live a life of freedom by speaking to experts in the alternative space. 

Hey guys, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our cryptonomous membership subscription. It was created to help you not just survive but thrive in any economic situation to beat inflation and accept the great reset. This is our groundbreaking newsletter and community packed with knowledge that will help you gain true financial independence privately and increase your wealth. For just a few dollars a month you'll get professional analysis from our renegade team of experts on privacy technologies, financial markets and cryptocurrencies upgrade to our premium subscription for real time trade calls from a self taught trader who has gained his financial freedom and a monthly webinar where you can personally connect and get your questions answered by our experts. Sign up today at Or use the link in the show notes so we can help you live the life you've always wanted. See you on the inside. Today we are joined by Corey. He's part of our Cryptonomous and the Conscious Renegade team. He is our in house trader. And he's obviously found financial freedom through crypto a free thinker. And he's also contributing to the Dero project in a slightly different way, which we'll go into in more depth. How's it going, Corey? I'm doing good.

Corey  1:27  
Thanks, George. Thanks for having me.

George Papp  1:29  
Well, good, good. Again, it's it's different having someone that's part of the team on the podcast. So I think it's good for the listeners to actually get an insight into what we do a little bit more on who we are. Obviously, I've been working with you for the last few months. And it's been a pleasure. And I thought you know, you've had an interesting life. Definitely have some great opinions and, and some insights into how the world is and how you live your life personally. So I thought, you know, this is good content for people out there. So yeah, I guess

Corey  2:04  
Hopefully somebody finds it entertaining.

George Papp  2:07  
I did when I first heard it, so you might as well get it go. So yeah, I guess, just talk to people about your background. Really, I think that's the main main point here is just talk about where you've come from what you're doing now, why you're in Mexico, putting enemas up your butt and just getting into your health protocols and all the rest of it as well.

Corey  2:34  
You know, that's a great start but a lot to a lot to go I'll try to summarize it real quick. Yeah. Born and raised in the area known as Canada lived to what I consider to be like an average life, you know, middle class, you know, doing the thing, tried to do well in school trying to do well and work and create bikes, the average life and when I hit my 20s I was just really like, there's something wrong here. I couldn't put my finger on it. I just knew it didn't feel right. I explained it as like having a gaping hole in my chest like something which is missing. And I kind of went on adventures and explored and tried a whole bunch of different things trying to figure it out. You know, try working different jobs, trying to exploring sail from Toronto to Bahamas traveling trying to all different things, dealing with my health mental health meditation, call myself a master trader are jack of all trades master of fun, but just trying to sort this stuff out. Quit drinking almost two years ago, because I with all these issues, I kind of developed a bit of a drinking problem so health has become a very big part of my life, especially the last few years even though it's been an almost 10 year journey now. Just a whole lot of stuff. And basically when the whole COVID Fake bullshit came out, I my eyes really got wide open it directed it put my eyes on the right information to really understand what was going on and what needed to do and focus on myself, sufficiency, myself sovereignty, getting myself outside of the systems and that means taking care of yourself. So I focused on learning everything I could to get outside of the systems, you know, and crypto trading helped to free me up financially so I wasn't having to work jobs but it started to freed me up to start other entrepreneurial endeavors. So it also freed me up to really start seeing everything else. But freeing yourself just isn't financially It's also, you know, in Canada, they're so proud of their health care systems and the health free health care, that's all bullshit. It's, it's literally it's just meant to make you a perpetual patient and just keep you on their programs, because that's how they get funding. That's how we get funding. They, they, like, everybody thinks that drugs are there to make you better. But if drugs made you better than how would the how are these drug companies make money? And that's something a lot of people don't realize. So, you know, a lot of people are afraid to walk away from healthcare systems, if you can, they'll give you the excuse of, oh, well, what if you get in a car accident? That's literally the only thing that is actually somewhat okay with those systems. Everything else is complete garbage. And so yeah, major health journeys, like I had some some injuries, I learned to take care of myself, became a personal trainer and injury, rehabilitation and functional muscular correction, and helped heal helped people along their healing journey. So I'm not going to say I'm a healer, by any means. But I gain the insight knowledge of how the body functions and how to properly take care of these things. And yeah, and, you know, you talk about showing stuff up my butt. You know, it's like, that's, we'll touch on that quickly. But it's just everybody talks about, what what do you need to take? What do you need to ingest in order to, to heal and get better, but what people don't realize is, there's so much toxic stuff that builds up in your body, like, what do we do to help get this stuff out? And, you know, if you asked me a year ago, if I'd be doing enemas, I would have laughed in your face. I'm like, No, there's no way I got a Persian butthole nothing's going up there. But it's, they've helped me out tremendously. If you want to go into more details about that part of my health journey. Gladly, I'll talk about it. It's it's done tremendous work for me. I'm still doing them right now. And they're just fantastic. It's like a shower and coffee in the morning, makes you feel great clears your mind and helps you move on with your day. And but anyways, it's like one of those of like, not relying on the healthcare system, not relying on the financial systems, not relying on any of the systems that you rely on, you know what I mean? Like, people might worry about, Oh, what about police? Have a be smart, like you don't need them and be be ready to take the action of your own court,

you know, like, you just got to figure it out yourself. It's all about just self sufficiency, and liberty and freedom. And that's been my journey. So far. It's learning how to do all that.

George Papp  7:45  
Yeah, and it's interesting, actually, we'll touch upon the health stuff more in a bit. But actually, it's important point. A lot of people ask, like, what to ingest, like what's coming in, but no one ever realizes what's already there. Or like what's making you sick. And that's just part of the current health system, as well. And also the socialist health care system, same as the NHS. In Canada, they have their own version, and it's just a joke. So yeah, yeah, we'll talk about that a bit more. But I wanted to start because your background, with us at the moment, was primarily only focused on the investment side of stuff, and the crypto side, I wanted you to really just give your opinion and your insight into a the markets and maybe not a whole background on how banking works, because I think a lot of listeners here are already skeptical, but more about the solutions on how to free yourself from the current banking system and potentially, your insights into that.

Corey  8:51  
Yeah, well, essentially, I got to touch on Fiat dollars. As soon as they went off the gold standard systems and based on the world reserve currency, the paper notes are worthless. You know, like a lot of people will say crypto is Ponzi schemes. Yeah, sure they are. But so are the dollars that you use every day. You know, it's just like, you're just not buying it with your dollars. You're buying it with your energy. Currency comes from the recurrent. It's a currency of moves. It's an energy that's supposed to be moving. And when somebody has control of that energy, they can control your usage of that energy. And part of what's important about crypto right now is understanding what they're doing to control that energy. What people who are learning about this stuff need to know is about the debasement of currency. You know, like there's a there's a term in crypto called based, everyday says that's based. That means it's referring to base currencies, which would be something like a gold order where it's actually backed by gold funds. But debasement the original form of debasement can be tied back to say, when we actually exchanged gold coins. And what would happen is, as those coins were going around to say, you had one ounce gold coins. And that's what we traded. Well, when some people would get that is called coin, what they do is they chip off like a little fragment of gold off of each coin they received, and pass the coin on, and then keep those little fragments to eventually smelt and make it into a gold whatever later. But that slowly reduces the weight of that coin. So it's no longer one ounce. And that's the original form of debasement. But, you know, like, with all this inflation, by the printing of, of dollars, that is another form of debasement, because what it's doing is it's spreading the value of the dollars out amongst more bills, it's not like they're actually putting more value into the economy, they're just diluting the value. And that's why you need more money to pay for things. So it's not the price of things are not going up. It's like your, your buying power of the dollar is going down. And that's what crypto originally tried to solve, or claims to have tried to solve. And that's why Bitcoin has a limited mint, where they're only been to so many tokens. And that's how the value can go up so that there is a cap on how many are in circulation, which means that people keep putting value into it, the value of it will go up and not in it won't get diluted. And that's where a lot of the crypto stuff comes from, it's trying to protect people from losing the value in their hard earned money. But what we're seeing here, especially with the launching of CBD C's is a more heavy control on currency. If you look what's happening in China, they've been trialing this for years now. Basically, about a year and a half ago, or almost two years ago, they launched their trials, CBDCs and a couple of cities CBDCs, big central bank digital currencies, a digital currency that's fully controlled by the banks. And this is where the public chains have issues. So the whole point of it is that they can see all your transactions and can control on your transactions. And in China, they've tied it to your social credit scores, which means if they don't like what you're doing, they can determine where you can buy stuff, when you can buy stuff, who you can buy stuff from, and if you can even buy stuff, if your score is low, you might not be able to pay for a vacation. You know, if you're buying beer and unhealthy food, that will lower your score, which means they'll cut you off of other things. So basically, you have to act in alignment with what the government wants in order to get a good score, which frees up your ability to buy and sell things. Now, that doesn't mean that like on the surface might not sound suddenly like Oh, I get to be a better citizen. And if I'm a better citizen, and I get better privileges and

okay, if you first of all, if you think like that you're a slave, because you're just thinking about appeasing Your slave master. But aside from that, what what they're doing is they've done a trial, I think it was April of 2021, or sometime around there, where they put an expiry date. Yeah. So on the the CBDCs that you weren't. So it's like you basically had, I think it was two or three months to spend the money you earned. So that means if you got paid, you had two or three months to spend it, or it just disappeared. So good luck saving for our house, good luck saving for vacation, good luck saving to start a business, that's all gone. And you think that that kind of control is crazy, but it's happening, or even putting negative interest rates on your bank accounts. So that if you're holding on to your money each month, you just lose chunks of it, because they want you to be spending it. So that's like where they're headed. And crypto is supposed to be a freedom of that. However, you know, everybody talks about Bitcoin, this and the theory of that. I don't want to spend too much time talking about the problem with the new Aetherium merge. But we'll just talk about the problems with these public blockchains is that governments can still monitor everything you do, and still follow you and log you online, which is why I've taken the stance on sticking with privacy coins, with private blockchains the true life of private blockchains that prevent you from being trapped. If you want to see what happens when you try to mix public blockchains with private blockchains look up tornado cash and all the issues of that is cost for people. So yeah, that's hopefully that answers your question and

George Papp  14:56  
we, I think Bitcoin obviously solves one issue only which is the central bank issue of printing to inflation. But it doesn't solve the issue of privacy. And like you said, they can just follow your transactions. The only thing is I they can't stop the transactions on Bitcoin, right? Or can they? Or they can, they can, at least they can at least follow that and then tie it to your name, and then, you know, do what they want.

Corey  15:25  
So you'll see, you'll see like a lot of things about the FBI or CIA recovering crypto funds, or covering Bitcoin from criminals. First of all, those are likely cya bullshit articles just to make you believe certain ways of crypto, what they want you to believe is that they have control over the Bitcoin network. Now, where the issues come in, is with major exchanges. If you're keeping your crypto on major exchanges, you actually don't have control of your crypto, there's a saying in the crypto world, not your keys, not your crypto, think of it like this, it's kind of like, if you're holding your Bitcoin in your own wallet, or you have the seed phrase and are the private keys, that means you have complete control over it. That's like holding cash, having cash in your house stuffed under your mattress. But the second it goes on to a major exchange, that's like putting it into a bank account. Now, what a lot of people don't realize about their bank accounts is that's not actually their money, it's a credit for their money. But it's actually the bank's money, and they don't have to give it to you. The banks have control of it. And we're starting to see this around the world where the government can tell the banks to seize your assets, freeze your assets, do whatever they want with it, and you can't do anything about it start with the Canadian truckers. There's, I should have looked it up before this call. There's a country recently where they're not letting the people get the money from their savings accounts. And like I there was a story about a guy who just went in, he wanted his savings account money so badly, he went and held the gun the bank at gunpoint, just to get money from the savings account. His money. He wasn't even trying to rob them just get his money that

George Papp  17:19  
That he thinks is his money. 

Corey  17:21  
The thing is when you hear that he thinks exactly, but all they owe you is it's a it's a credit system. And it's funny how they tricked us into it, they initially started with good interest rates, which have long gone. And then they started by ease of being able to pay bills and stuff, which now that's like almost mandatory, and a lot of employers won't pay you unless you can do it through direct deposit because it's cheaper for them. But like, it's, it's not your money if it's in a bank account. So basically, the biggest risk for that type of thing is if it's in a bank account now with the theory of merge to proof of stake. So proof of work was based on a true decentralization like Bitcoin. And this is where it's important is having all those computers, mining and running nodes create the decentralized network. So right now a lot of the internet runs through centralized servers, such as Amazon servers. So when we started to see the major censorship happened on the internet, Amazon could just go like, we don't like your content, your website's gone, your website's gone. Here, this is gone. Because it's all centralized control through that main server. Where as the decentralized network, which is also known as web3, if you're looking into that, it's essentially servers outside of the centralized servers, having people set up their own computers to create this own network through smaller computers, but create this massive network, that even if you shut down a third of the computers, you still have two thirds of them able to fully operate the network. So it's a lot harder to shut down. And basically, the only way to hack Bitcoin, is to have at least the same amount of computing power go against it. So there are a million computers, currently running notes, and mining Bitcoin, you would need a million computers minimum, to go up against those just to try to hack the cryptography of Bitcoin. And that's, that's where the value in the decentralized network is. Now, with Ethereum, they just moved from proof of work, which is a decentralized network to proof of stake, which means fewer nodes, and it's about how much money is invested in it gives you the control. So basically, it's about who has the most money can now control the network. So basically, Ethereum is gone from a decentralized network to a centralized network to as a very basic summary of that it's not exact case, but it's it's much more centralized now. And it's lost its decentralization.

George Papp  20:05  
So we'll have to we'll have to do some articles on on this for Cryptonomous.

Corey  20:12  
Yeah, I think I'm gonna write one.

George Papp  20:14  
Yeah, it's interesting. And people are talking about sustainability all the time, with without really going into the facts about that, which we won't go into right now. But

Corey  20:23  
yeah, this sustainability is complete bullshit. I'll summarize. If you look at the energy, the energy network, the energy of the Bitcoin network versus the energy of the banking system, the banking system uses multiple times the energy that the Bitcoin network uses. So it's just literally, it's one of those misinformation tactics by the mass media. It's complete bullshit. So it's the whole climate change narrative. If you look at it, the climate hasn't changed in over 15 years. Like they were going through natural weather cycles. They're trying to tell us that usual summer heat is now like, crazy heat, and whatever. It's It's all bullshit scare tactics. It's all meant to mislead you. So

George Papp  21:10  
don't don't buy it. Yeah. So interesting. And I guess to finish off with this, with this section of the talk, is what do you see the future in crypto as being? Because a lot of people are skeptical about crypto, probably rightly so. Right. And I think just in your opinion, and your insight on where you think crypto will end up in the next decade.

Corey  21:35  
It's hard to predict it. I'm hopeful about crypto. I think privacy blockchain projects are going to be key and instrumental. If we stand a chance. Monero is a great project I feel for a currency. Really that's all Monero is is a currency. I think PirateChain is a better currency. It's got better programming. However, Monero is used more widely and has more developed for it, because it's been around a lot longer. So there's value in both of those, I think Dero is there going to be key if we stand a chance of crypto stands a chance. It's like a theory I'm on steroids. Anyways, it's the more I learned about Dero, it's just incredible. It has far more functionality, even down to the wallets are just better. And it's hard to say, I'm of the belief that these globalist parasites and satanic worshippers, whatever you want to call them that are pulling all this shit. They've got a few more cards left up their sleeve that they're planning on pulling. It's interesting when you think about the etymology of the words that they use, like the internet, it's a net or the worldwide web. What's a web? What this was fighting disease to catch flies. So I think right now it's being used to corral people. And I'm of the belief that in about a year, we're likely going to see another Carrington event and other Caribbean event, meaning there's going to be a mass internet shutdown, it might not be the full world, but it's going to be enough of an impact around the world, that it'll affect almost everybody's internet access. And when it comes back online, you know, I think it only lasts, like one to four weeks. When it comes back online, you're going to need a digital ID to access the internet. And that's going to be tied to social credit scores that basically they're going to try to implement these Chinese systems around the world. Now, if that happens, when I think it will. The question is, how well developed this, this web three, they are going to be? Are we going to be able to skirt around meeting digital IDs to access the internet? I have a tough time thinking that's going to be the case. Because right now you need to pay a third party internet provider to get access to the internet. So unless we can find a way to access the internet, without needing to pay for the internet through a company we're going to have issues. So I'm hopeful that there's a way that we can still use cryptocurrency on the other side of this but I just don't know. I think if we're going to stand a chance, it's going to be really important. cryptocurrency is going to be very important. I don't see this as the end solution. But even if it's not the end solution, there's still a lot that blockchain technology can be used for you In order to help improve our systems and decentralized systems and make our lives easier and help remove government, from our lives, and I think there's a lot of value in that. So even if things are gonna go to shit, I'm still gonna at least be somewhat invested in cryptocurrency, because for me, it's investing in seeing it come to fruition and seeing that help come through to help remove and decentralized these things that shouldn't be in the hands of the government, and help give the power back to the people. So I'm hopeful. But I'm not guaranteed, which is why if you if you read my stance in the newsletters, you know that my stance is, you know, right now there's a time to make money in crypto, take advantage of that, but get into real world assets, things, tangible things you can hold on your hands that have value. And that's primarily my stance.

Yeah, I think for those who are just stacking, stacking, crypto only without thinking about tangible assets, I think there's something you have to think about, because price in dollar form is pretty much manipulated. So, you know, you're gonna have to get into tangible assets at some point.

Right now, right now, it's a great way to protect yourself against the inflation. Yes, in the coming hyperinflation. But take your profits and move it into more tangible assets, for sure. That's what gold silver have always done in the past. So

George Papp  26:37  
yeah, that's what we, we like as well, precious metals. But again, if you're in the banking system, and you've got, you know, money in that is definitely at risk, your top risk taker at the moment, more risky than having crypto in my opinion, is spun around the other way, where with cryptos, the crazy thing you have in money in a savings account is basically safe, which is hilarious. But yeah, interesting insight insights. Obviously, you can view more on our newsletter, which will plug at the end of this. But yeah, let's move on to health, because that is a massive journey you've been on. And you have a lot of amazing insight into your own path. Because I mean, I asked you about your path in health. And I, I asked for some advice as well, because there's so much that you've tried yourself, personally. And I mean, just give your insights. I know you had some issues, health wise, you mentioned at the beginning, and just sort of lay it out until right now where you're where you are, and what you're doing in regards to health.

Corey  27:47  
Yeah, when I was a teenager, like I was somewhat healthy growing up, you know, but there was a lot of crap that I ate too. But in my teens I suffered and a knee injury, I tore my ACL slightly tore my meniscus went to the butcher coats to have surgery for surgeries later. I still am dealing with injury, my my ACL is torn again, I haven't bothered with the surgery, since I just I have gained a bunch of weight started drinking way too much to deal with my lack of mobility and how it was making me feel. And there was a time where I couldn't work for nine months because I couldn't walk for six of them. And I had to make a choice of either relying on other people to take care of me or learning to take care of myself. So as I said, I became a personal trainer, an injury rehabilitation and functional muscular correction. I learned how to take care of myself, which ended up giving me the opportunity to help other people. So I worked in that industry for several years. I worked with nutritionists, I tried all the fat diets from high protein diets like keto, and paleo and you name it, I tried it all calorie counting etc, etc. I was 243 pounds. I was seven on a scale and while I think I'm down, maybe just below 170. Now, if I were to guess, but I'm trying all those things. And you know, at first it was about losing weight and looking good. But then I started to really learn about health and what it means to be healthy. And at the end of the day, we're so we're being directed in the wrong directions. As I said the Medicare the medical system wants you to be a perpetual patient. So the mainstream media is telling you false information about how to be healthy in order to make you a perpetual patient. Like I can use the COVID stuff is an extreme example where they're trying to tell you to stay in your house, not see loved ones and get needles in order to be healthy in order Take care of food, you know what I mean? But those are actually opposite of what makes you healthy contact with other people, helps improve our mental health, our mental and emotional health affect our physical health. Being out in the sunshine and being active and being away from screens, is what makes us healthy. Being in front of screens too much makes us healthy, or unhealthy, sorry. And like health doesn't come from a needle. Health comes from what we ingest in our body, but it's not just the foot, we adjust our mouths. When we adjust. When we breathe, those masks, they put toxins, and that's when we exhale, that's releases up to 70% of our toxic material comes from our exhales, because we breathe constantly. So that's a form of detox for us. So what you're doing, you're detoxing into a mask, and then you're breathing those toxins back in. So you're just cycling toxins. It's, you know, like, at the end of the day, what what I've come to learn, and many people will try to argue this over me. But I've kind of become the rule here on the mainstream media do the opposite. You know, they talked about protein, protein, animal protein. That's the bullshit. But the key is, is a lot of raw vegetables and raw fruit. Even if you do eat animal protein, like I don't need it anymore. I will have unpasteurized milk, or cheese. Pasteurization just take something beautiful and short said, but I'm not even going to hold it against you. If you eat meat. I probably went five years without eating a vegetable. So I was down that road. And that was me trying to get healthy, you know, but we just consume way too much of it. And that's what a lot of people don't realize. And now they'll be like, Oh, well, they're pushing veganism and this and that. So that's, that's, if you're not gonna listen to the mainstream media, you you can't be vegan, and it's like, what are they pushing? There's different types of fruits and vegetables. They're pushing you to eat beyond burgers. They're pushing you to eat soy products, you know, and processed foods. Those are the problem at the end of the

George Papp  32:21  
day. Pushing cockroaches and insects, right?

Corey  32:25  
Yeah, fuck, yeah. But there's, we could go on about that. And the parasites and our bodies just aren't meant to digest insects. It's not good for Chitin. Chitin is a compound and founded insects, C H I T I N. And it's in helps with you having parasites in your body, which is like part of what you need to get out of your system. I've gotten plenty out of my system. And it's helped me significantly but yeah, it's, it's a process. It's like, why do we need to drink so much water, the water helps us to deal with all the toxins that are sitting in our body. I've found that when I've got myself eating properly, I don't even need to drink any fluids. And I will still urinate several times a day. And it's nice and clear. Because I'm getting water from those proper sources of food and my body is in a much better equilibrium. And I've removed those toxins from my body. Now I'm not saying I'm I'm toxin free, but I've removed a lot of the toxins from my body. It's like being fat, actually, that's another one that that they screw with you on. They tell you that it's an energy imbalance, you know that it's energy coming in, you're not burning it so it gets stored. But what fat actually is, is they are your body's wrapping toxins. And try not to process them because processing them will make you sick, and then it shoves it away to store it. So you're if you're overweight, you're just toxic, you're extremely toxic. And this is why people have a tough time on their health journeys and give up because they start feeling like shit when they're told they're going to feel better is because it depending on how you do it too. And this is why I find enemas great. Like if you're going to try to sweat out all that fat. You're forcing your body to process these toxins and they make you feel sick. And so like versus what I did is by doing enemas, I just pooped the toxins out so I don't have to process them and then it's it's a much gentler experience. But at the end of the day, it's like if you can remove that toxic those toxins from your body. That's how you feel better. And yeah, that's kind of what I learned along this journey. And it's like even eating too much cooked food will store those toxins in your body because you're not really meant to be eating out much cooked food. I think I think it's okay eating some, especially when you're not that toxic your body can process it and remove it but When if you're eating nothing but cooked foods, and especially cooked meats and that sort of thing, it just stores in your body because your body can process it correctly.

George Papp  35:11  
Right? Okay. Very interesting. And I went on a bit of a health journey during COVID. Because obviously, I was hearing like, crazy solutions to health at the time. And at that point, you have to take it on board and try and like actually take it into your own hands, like you said, and I think what you what you've touched on there is we need to understand what health being healthy actually means, and also what effect it has on you. It's not just like, you're gonna look better or something is it affects everything. And I noticed that too. It affects your mental capacity. And people don't ever really tie that in at any point. So, I mean, like, you spoke to me previously about how it helps you think better and have more clarity in your mind, being more toxin free. It really does. It really does. I mean, it affects your whole mind, and mental capacity, if you're just eating toxins, but no one really makes that connection. You know, once you've been streaming,

Corey  36:19  
the toxins, they bog you down. But not only that, it's like when there's anything excess that's in your system, which happens when you're eating all this crap, I highly recommend looking up. Auto intoxication is a great place to start, which is basically your intestines get filled with rotting shit that your body can't push out because your intestines are meant to move that stuff out. And it causes all sorts of disease from cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's, you name it. And people might be like, Oh, I probably don't have auto intoxication. No, you probably do. You know, like Elvis Presley, when he died, they remove 40 pounds of this rotten, rotten feces out of his intestines in his autopsy. They don't talk about it in mainstream media, and they really try to shut it down. But I can tell you, I went through the process of removing this. It's nicknamed an intestinal cord, because it's a giant rope shit. And I went through the process of removing this and it's it's rancid stuff. But basically, within that you even have parasites that hide inside of your your intestines, and they live off of certain things like meats or breads, or sugars, this and that. And if they want something, they will release something in your intestines called ground in the ground. I'm not sure how to spell it. Sorry, I can't help you with that. I barely know how to pronounce it. But when it gets released, it makes you think you're hungry for those things that it wants to eat. And it's essentially controlling your mind. And I actually have an example of this. Where I was on a raw fruit diet. To help cleanse out my body I highly recommended it's one of the best ways to clean yourself up fast, one of the gentlest ways and allows you to eat, you can eat as much as you want. It's not ideal for everybody, especially trying to get the fresh fruits. You can try to reach out to me somehow I don't know maybe we'll figure that out. But or Dr. Robert Morse on YouTube, M O R S E He's got a lot of great information on it. He heals a lot of people using raw fruit diets. But essentially, like I was going where I wake up in the morning, and my stomach would hurt. And it felt better if I ate so I assumed it was hunger. But then then I started realizing is ghrelin, and it was from parasites, because that's not how hunger is supposed to feel. Hunger is almost supposed to be like a dryness on the back of the throat. It's not supposed to come from your stomach. And so I've heard about this, I was doing enemas to try to remove parasites. And I was having the stomach pain. And then one day, I got out this massive parasite. It was like a centimeter long. And it was like a purpley color. And it was almost shaped like a fidget spinner. But with a really long side it had a few white claws on it. And I knew it was a parasite because in the toilet bowl which was perfectly still water, this thing was wiggling around. And the minute that that came out, those hunger pains in my stomach completely stopped. I went on to like two days after because I no longer had hunger pains. I went into a 10 day water fast. I've never been able to even make a three day water fast before that because my stomach hurts so bad. And that's when I realized the severity of these parasites and then you know during that 10 day water fast, got out even more parasites and yeah, they actually control your mind. And that's just what's living in side of you.

George Papp  40:02  
Yeah, so interesting is like, people can only think that it happens the other way round, which is like, your mind controls. How you think controls what you eat or your health, right. But it also works the other way. And I think it's a very interesting topic that that we haven't really, I mean, no one in the mainstream has ever touched on that there is something I watched, actually, which was interesting that fasting, water fasting helps, obviously, with certain things, but also that when you don't have sugar, or a very high protein diet, it allows your repair cells to regenerate. Is that something you know about, I mean, it's something you actually probably touched on just then. But

Corey  40:53  
I know it is just fasting in general. So essentially, it's when your digestive system is working, it actually uses over half your body's energy. So I found that even eating a lot of raw vegetables now, because of the fiber content, that will make me almost sleeping, because it's so hard to break down. So if you give yourself the break. So basically, if your body is expending massive amounts of energy on digesting, plus trying to give you the energy to function in your day, it can't do anything else, especially if you're eating all day, every day. So by giving yourself the breaks for eating, you free up the energy to do other things. It could be as simple as doing our OMAD diet, O M A D, which essentially means just one meal a day. And by doing one meal a day, you break, you give yourself a huge fasting period every day. So that your body energy isn't stuck on consuming all the time. Like where does this three meals a day plus snacks diet come from? It actually was originally a diabetic control diet to try to regulate blood sugar and diabetics, but they tried to tell everybody in the world that that's a healthy diet. They're basically just bogging you down bogging down your energy. But if you can fast for you know, one day a week, your body gets to go through insane rebuild periods, it gets to pull dying tissues from your body and replace them with new tissues. It like literally is the fountain of youth is the fasting. And it's like you can talk about cleansing levels. It's like dry fasting is the top but it's also the hardest, and I wouldn't even recommend diving into it, especially if you're toxic, because you need that water to help process the toxins and remove them. But then that night, you have water fasting. And then there's juice cleansing, where you just drink juices like fruit and vegetable juices, like raw juices, like if you get yourself a juice machine. And they because you're removing all that fiber and stuff. It's easier to digest and looser your system faster. So if you're only drinking, like doing one or two meals a day, through juicers, you have a lot more of that repair time and a lot less energy gone into digestion. That's where fruit diets also great because there's fiber in that which helps you to pull stuff out of your intestines. At the same token, it's really easy to digest. So it's kind of like what's hard for your body to digest cooked foods, meats, very fibrous vegetables. And why is the the media always telling you that you need to eat more fiber, it bogs down your system. So it's like, by giving your digestive system a break, your body goes into really great repairs. And it's all sorts of things like you can see clearly I've got gray in my beard, but this gray was all the way up to the top on both sides. And if you look closely, you can see there's a lot of black hair started to grow in. And that's really only started for me in the last couple months. My gray hair is going away because I'm clearing these toxins out of my body and my body is improving efficiency. It's literally affecting the views.

George Papp  44:14  
Yeah, from my personal experience as well i i think a good place for you guys to start if you haven't done anything in regards to like food and meals and changing that from the three the three normal meals a day, just start intermittent fasting at least. But that was where I started. So I started eating my first meal so I wouldn't have breakfast. I would start at like midday and finish foods. Ingestion intake at six I'll put I would now have just two meals a day. One at 12 and one at six. You don't feel any issues that you think you would is it's more of a psychological thing and perhaps a pipe parasite thing. But like that initial at least that first start of like skipping the breakfast, and being able to move through that until midday is one step. But now I also, you know, once a month at the moment is how much I do a one day water fast. And I notice a massive difference, I really do. And it actually helps you not get those hunger. I need to eat sort of thoughts. Because you're you're already sort of more accustomed to not having those sorts of regimes of having three meals a day and eating every single day like that. But yes, it's a super interesting topic. Because I mean, I was just fully involved in that during COVID. Because I was like, once you question one thing, you just go down that whole rabbit hole of like, wait, what else is like a lie. And so those are excellent.

Corey  45:47  
Those are excellent examples of like how you can you can start a journey on to this.

George Papp  45:54  
Yeah, I think definitely intermittent fasting, that helped me a lot, you can get a lot more things done in the morning, as well. I mean, you can go for a walk, which you actually helps your mental state, or you can get on with some more work that maybe you get tired in the afternoon, you can actually think better in the morning, because you've got more clarity, probably because you fasted for a long time.

Corey  46:13  
It's all it is, you have all that energy that you're not using from digesting and all the sudden you have access to that energy. And you don't realize it until you're not using that energy. Like when I did my 10 day fast i i was practically like going, I wasn't jogging, I was busy working a lot of it, but my energy was going through the roof, I was having a tough time sitting still. And there's so many people that will tell you this, when you go on fast, your energy is incredible. But that's because you freed up all that energy from your digestion. So you actually have more energy by not eating, most people think you get the energy from your food. But it's there's a balance that has to be reached.

George Papp  47:00  
And that battle is a period, dependent on your feeling. There is a period though, there is a period of where you like I had when I do when I used to. I mean, do those one day a month fast, I used to feel like very hungry, but it's, again, it's a we're used to doing certain things. So when you shock that it kind of like probably affects you wanting to eat more, and I was definitely feeling hungry, for sure. And I had to fight that. But it gets easier, it gets easier and don't think that you're gonna suddenly become anorexic because of that,

Corey  47:37  
you know, the longer it took you to get into an unhealthy state, the longer the longer you're likely to get out of it, depending on the route that you take. But just understanding where those hunger feelings are coming from. Understanding what those things are helps to make it easier to you know, like when you feel the sock pains, and you're like, Okay, that's just the parasite screaming at me. And you know, like, doing a three day water fast, will kill a lot of parasites in your gut, and help you get them out. So you know, like, if you can work up to doing a three day water fasts even just starting once a year, and you're eating better, you can help remove those things from your body. And some of them need longer, but you can kill a lot of them off with just three days not you basically started out. And people will try to tell you, like, you know, when I was growing up, it's like, you can only live like 10 days without food. That's that's a joke. That's complete bullshit. You can go far longer than 10 days without food. If you're toxic, you know, you definitely need that water to help flush it out. But yeah, it's it's not easy. But then again, it's like, you've done this to your poor body where you keep stuffing it full of shit, and your body just is literally shoving it in the closet so you don't have to deal with it. And you can choose to keep stuffing in the closet that at some point, when the stuff starts overflowing out of the closet, that's when you start getting disease when you start dealing with diabetes and cancers and all this and that. So it's like, if you're going to make the choice of going in and cleaning out that closet, you're going to have to deal with the stuff that's in there. And depending on how you decide to deal with it will determine how easy it is to clean it out. And that's that's really what it boils down to.

George Papp  49:39  
So journey. It definitely is a journey. It's not easy, but it's worth it. That's what I will say as well from from my experience. I mean I'm definitely not not perfect. I'm still very much still got a long way to go. But I I've I noticed the change from when I was fasting 100% I was able to be more definitely more clear minded, like, those negative thoughts that kept spiraling out of control were definitely like pretty much gone on on those days. And it helped me to be more clear headed, basically. And that definitely makes a massive difference. And you can, if you do meditate, that definitely helps. If you're struggling with that, that definitely helps. And that moves on actually to the last topic, because we are running out of time is kind of the like, not I don't want to say spirituality, because it's just so much of a kind of a buzzword, but the no fear slash connecting with a higher power sort of stuff. Because I know we can go very deep in this topic. But what have you experienced in this because there's a lot of fear going around from the mainstream, but also from the truth movement. We want to gain a little bit more clarity on how to not live in fear in this moment, because I think we all we all can experience it. Whatever side of the spectrum you're on, we have fear in us at some points. But how do you deal with that? Because I'm sure that you've had moments as well? Well, you've had that fear, and you've acted on it. But how do you, in your opinion? Or how have you experienced trying to deal with the fear? And I guess you're sort of spiritual stuff? Yeah.

Corey  51:26  
I'll start, I'll start off by saying that I'm not religious. But I do believe in my divinity as a person, and you know, everybody's got their different views, and that's okay. But what they need to understand, or what I came to understand, is that fear is a control tactic. It's been used in religion, like Christianity, they're looking for a good God fearing person. You know, a true God that loves you doesn't want you to fear them. That's a negative energy entity. And I believe that we're here to experience different things and to learn and grow from them. But fear in itself is a control mechanism. It makes you acts not in your own best interests. So why is it that mainstream media news constantly pumps fear at you?

Because then, you're looking externally for help. And you know, the truth movement is full of all the same shit. Sure, they're getting a different set of news. But everybody's reacting out of fear.

And that's the one thing I learned. It's like, oh, you know, the the mainstream media saying this is this is what's actually happening? And what are we supposed to do about it? We have to be careful with that word we, because when people are like, we need to do this, we need to get other people to do this. That's people trying to force their will other people. But the answer doesn't come from other people making changes, you control your reality. And I noticed myself, like, let's give an example. If you were to shut off your TV, shut off your cell phone in your computer and not pick up a newspaper, or anything like that for two months. And go out and enjoy the sunshine and be in nature. Go swimming in the ocean. Go for hikes on mountains. How much fear would you be living in assuming that you didn't have to worry about money to pay your bills as another fear tactic. But how much fear would you be in you'd be in almost none. You'd be calm and peaceful and bliss. And your mind would be creative and thinking about all these things you want to do and et cetera, et cetera. That is the true thing is searching internally. And being creative and being at peace. And that's what I've learned along my journey. Like I was in Canada, and part of my personal goal was to go live in a more tropical climate. Now, I did move out of fear to go to Mexico, but at least I went into a place that was in alignment with what I was looking for. And part of my movement here was looking for an off grid place, you know, to go homestead and then I realized that was me acting out of fear. I want to be creative and create music and art and perform be with people and how am I supposed to do that? When I'm in the woods, away from everybody else I want to travel and experience need people? And you know, a lot of people try to tell me that I can't do that right now. But I can I've been doing it. The thing is, is it's your mindset. And you know, people will try to tell you that you need to tell people, we need to always make these other people up, to change them to do this and do that. That's a lie.

The government's trying to tell you to do something, and you're resisting it. So what makes you think that is not the opposite?

What makes you think that you have control over these other people are should have control over the way that they think everybody's on their own journey? Like, when have you made decisions based on what other people have told you? It's usually not the case. Usually, it's the case of you see other people doing great things. And you go, wow, that person is doing great things, what are they doing? I'm going to incorporate more of that into my life. So my recommendation is to turn inward, to look at yourself and look at how you're reacting out of fear.

And let that fear go. And really think to yourself, what is it I want to create and do with my life, and focus on creating and doing those things. And when you do those things,

you'll become successful, because you're passionate about it. Sure, your life may change a lot mine has. And I'm still figuring it out. But everything that I've needed has come to me. I don't know how old but it has had enough money to pay my bills and have money to keep moving. I'm not gonna say that. I'm extremely wealthy, because I'm not. But I have the time to create my passions. And you know, like right now, my my girlfriend, she's a professional dancer, we're writing a show together, and we're getting ready to perform, I'm a musician. And we're, we're getting ready to start traveling again and keep moving. And the money shows up when I need it, little bits of work that I need to do to keep it moving. But what happens is, when you get to this place, where all of a sudden, you're successful in creating the things you want to create, people notice it, and they go, what is that person doing? And they come up and they ask you, and you're just like, I'm creating what I want out of my life. You know, like, the news is telling me all this bullshit, but I don't buy into it. Because I realize it's fake. And you don't have to tell them what to think you just tell them what you think. And I've seen this happen with the people I communicate with on my travels. And they're like, Hmm, that makes a lot of sense. I'm going to start incorporating that into my life. And then they make the changes. Yeah. And then when they make changes, and they start doing it, other people notice that, and then they go to them, and ask them what they're doing. And they tell it. And that's how we spread the change. Yeah, that's how you do it. And But what people don't realize is, it starts with you, Heaven and Hell are not some afterward place. It's the world you create, starting from the inside from your heart, but what what it is that you really want, you can create heaven on earth, or you can create Hell on Earth. You know, like, Hell is trying to tell everybody else to do what you want to do, and not having control over everybody else, and then feeling frustrated and sick and, and running yourself into the ground or heaviness. Creating the world you want around you, regardless of what anybody else thinks. And that, to me is the true spirituality.

George Papp  58:52  
You need to be I think, like, the main way of doing that is you need to realize how much power you have, like you're not powerless to anything. Whether it's, you know, you might have woken up to like the mainstream. But if you're still in fear in regards to the other end that the government are going to do this to you. You haven't realized how much power you have. And I think the base foundation of that is at least thinking to yourself that you are a divine being having a human experience. And at that point, you will not fear death. And at that point, you can live your life. And I think that's the very much the base of where fear comes from is the fear of death.

Corey  59:37  
Fear, it's just another fear. But you're right, there's you can remove that fear. If it helps you to think that you're just an immortal being on a temporary experience and you'll live on after this perfect because there were many fears.

George Papp  59:51  
Yeah, and the fear of failure one. How can you be I think Socrates said like, how can you be fearful or something that you just You don't know if it's negative or positive, you don't know anything about it. So how can you be fearful face the fear of the unknown, which a lot of people have. And that's the key. I think that is the key.

Corey  1:00:12  
That's why people are, there's a big fear of failure these days. It's why people rely on jobs, because they're afraid that they're going to fail if they're not just working for somebody else to make money. That's another big thing is fear of failure. You know, like, we make mistakes all the time. Mistakes are one of the biggest ways that we learn. So go out and make mistakes, it's your greatest learning experience, don't be afraid of it. You know, like, I tried starting a business lost a pile of money. So I'm still moving on, I still have income, maybe I don't have as much money as I did before. But I learned from it. And now I've got other endeavors that I'm working on. It's like there's they try to implant fear at every corner. And that's where doing the internal work, like the meditation, and it doesn't have to be sitting in a room, cross legged poem, that doesn't have to be meditation, you don't have to go be a monk in a temple. It's just about that internal contemplation. I did it while just going on hikes by myself, but just letting myself think through and going, where is this programming coming from? That's limiting me? Where is this fear mindset coming from? Where are these fears necessary? No, where did they come from? Oh, it was implanted during my schooling. Or they told me life had to be this way. You know, and you need to save this much. And you need to work nine to five and blah, blah, blah, all this programming that your parents put in your school puts in all these. Yeah, all these external programming. So just giving yourself that chance to recognize them and let them go and create your own thing. And the best business people in the world. Understand that failure is a part of the game. And failure is a terrible word. But not every project is successful. And your most successful business people in the world, the millionaires and billionaires, it's because, you know, they, they, they account for things not working into their equation, they're like, it's not going to work. 1020 30% of 40% of my projects will fail. Even if nine out of 10 of your projects fail, that 10% that are successful, will make you successful. And you know, what will happen is over time, you'll increase your success rate as you get better at it. But just understand that it's okay. To fail along the way. You'll be fine.

George Papp  1:02:51  
Yeah, Melinda as well. Personally, I think I was definitely in fear working for banks, getting the stable income, decent income above average for the age group, and I was on the path I'm gonna get promoted. Yeah. And all this stuff. Half your wealth goes into the tax anyway. And you're the tax that you don't actually ever measure is the energy tax on yourself. Like doing something that you're you actually mostly dislike, or at least going to an office that no one really can actually like that? I mean, unless they're on a different path completely, but I didn't personally like that. And yeah, and I cut the cord, no fear, it suddenly just dropped. Like, I don't want to live like this anymore. And I literally just cut that cord. And whatever happens will happen. And I just work freelance now I obviously we have this, but I'm not earning the amount that I was, to be honest, it's not far away. And this was only due to me cutting that cord and wanting to find freedom, and doing what I want to do. And yeah, it's a great point how you put it, Cory? I think that was really good. And yeah, I've, I've had that same experience and all the all you guys in that position, we've been there. And you can make that change. 100% you can just change that situation you're in. And you just let go and do it. Yeah, yeah. Nice one. Thanks, Cory, for coming on. It's been a pleasure. Where can people find your work? Where can people find your work?

Corey  1:04:33  
I'm just setting up right now. You can find me through kirtana mess right now. So to come check out the website. My art projects are just kind of getting opened up. You can if you want to reach me through telegram you can message me at KingRidonkulous. I'm not going to respond unless you message me with an actual purpose. I deal with too many scammers on there but KingRidonkulous that's just my handle there. But besides that, I'll post up some more stuff when I when I get my projects up and running. But as I said, You can reach me through your autonomous. If you have questions about my health journey, whatever, I'd love to talk to you about them. I'm here to help spread that love and positive energy, but I'm not gonna go chase you down. It's your own journey. But I'll gladly share what I know about my experience. So

George Papp  1:05:28  
excellent. That's what we're doing now on Cryptonomous. We will have an announcement soon about what the plans are for it. But at the moment where we're providing the information not just on economics and trying to get out of the banking system, but it's all about other holistic views like on health, and other ways of living. So we'll give our insights in our own ways because we've all had different experiences to actually find some more freedom and alignment in our life. So we'll have some news on that. But yeah, check us out at crypto animus And also, share and subscribe the to this podcast. If you know someone you know, that might, you know, find some value in it, share it to them. You know, like I said you can find us at We can help you guys obviously grow and preserve your wealth as well as all the other topics that we now discuss in regards to health off grid living freedom, even how to not fear and live a life of much more freedom, in that sense in the mind as well. And I'll also put all the links that we've spoke about in the description as well. Peace and love to you all thanks for listening