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Building the Freedom Economy One Vote at a Time: Robert Altomare (BreathEasy)

September 06, 2022 George Papp Season 2 Episode 1
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Building the Freedom Economy One Vote at a Time: Robert Altomare (BreathEasy)
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Motivated by tyrannical masking and lockdown policies, Robert Altomare, creator of the BreathEasy app, built it to promote patriot/freedom thinking businesses nationwide in the USA. Robert has 23 years of working in the defence sector as an active duty military and for government agencies, he put his training to use building a small network of businesses in Portland, Oregon that enabled him to sidestep the COVID restrictions during his daily life. After moving to Florida, his desire for a similar network motivated him to build the Breathe Easy app to help others find and support businesses freedom-first businesses.

In this interview, we learn about the story behind the BreathEasy app, the challenges of starting up a freedom-based business and its evolution as a parallel economy solution, Robert seeks to make an impact during the next midterm election in November of 2022 with a new update to the BreathEasy app. Can we really change the agenda through the political system? Find out as we ask Robert his opinion on the tough questions.

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Robert Altomare

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George Papp  0:02  
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Today, we are joined by Robert Altomere founder of We'll be discussing all kinds of different topics in regards to freedom. Also, the breathez and what breathez does. Thanks for coming on, Robert, how's it going?

Robert A  1:24  
Hi, George, It's great talking to you doing really good. Thank you so much for having me on.

George Papp  1:29  
Thanks for coming on. Obviously, this was a bit left field for me actually, because one of our subscribers basically mentioned you guys. And I thought, you know, this really aligns in, you know, certain aspects. And, you know, we had to get you on just to discuss what you're doing, how you're sort of preparing yourselves for this, this app that you've got, and what you guys are doing in regards to solutions to freedom, I guess talk about to sort of start off your, your background and where it all started, and your sort of story to where you are now.

Robert A  2:06  
So, a little bit of about me a little background. So I spent, I'd say probably the first part of my career, 20-23 years in defense work, you know, working for either active duty in the military, or even after the fact, you know, working for the government itself, in, you know, Defense Department and that sort of thing. And then you know, after a while you get you get tired of that and like, Okay, you're looking for a change. So I went and went back to school, got my master's degree, and then from there just kind of entered the private sector, just, you know, doing regular work, right. Some financial analysis, I do financial analysis and business analysis, that sort of thing, nevertheless. So, fast forward to 2019 2020, I was living in Portland, Oregon, which is Antifa Central, you know, it's on the West Coast of the United States, up in the Northwest, and it's right north of California and south of Canada, in Washington State. And when I was when I was first living there, it's a great city it the their mantra, their motto is keep Portland weird. And it's the truth. Portland was a great city. And it was actually in to my eyes, very European feeling city, you know, a lot of green downtown and that sort of I spent a lot of time overseas as well and in Europe and elsewhere. So I was very comfortable in Portland. But then of course the lockdowns came and COVID and all that. And if there's one thing that these leftists love is left as Portland is what they love is just control of another, right, just having control over some other person. So when the lockdowns came, and the government's basically enlisted local businesses to enforce these mask mandates, saying, you know, you can't go anywhere without a mask, or if you're going to be inside a building, you got to wear masks. And it was these businesses that were enforcing these rules. And that was that chafed me that that obviously I'm not going to wear a mask. I knew something was up when they said you needed to start wearing a mask because of the very, very beginning when COVID first broke that first week or two. I took it seriously. Oh, you know, people are getting sick and all the rest, you know the whole thing. And, but I knew something was wrong. I didn't I stopped believing it as soon as they mandated masks, then I'm like, No, that doesn't sound right. That I mean that's just silly. And I don't know if you happen to remember this, but they were preparing all the hospitals and not letting people go to the hospitals for normal reasons. Because in advance of mass casualties and all this. Well, it just so happened stuff that I had an allergic reaction to, to something and I had to go to the hospital right around the corner from my apartment. Right. During that time, it was February or March, February, I think. And I noticed because they had that it was all prepared for all this mass casualty. And nobody was there. The hospital was empty. There were no COVID patients at this hospital. And I even mentioned it to the person, like, why isn't where's everybody? And he said, Oh, well, you know, he just didn't give me a really good answer. And that was another nail in the coffin, like, what's going on? If COVID is so deadly. And this hospital is essentially close to normal operations and only COVID patients. Where are they all? And then, of course, the requirement of the masking like, you know, something's not right, something's not happening correctly, I don't understand what's going on. And when they required the mask, and I basically took it upon myself, so no, a mask is useless. And you know, you get a little claustrophobic wearing a mask, right? So, at the beginning, I refuse to wear a mask. And I think I just mentioned to you that, you know, I was Mr. Angry, like, right on with everybody else, you know, telling these waitresses and business owners and you know, everybody, because remember, the businesses had not shut down yet. They were just requiring masks everywhere you go. And that has that went on for a little while. And I because I refused to wear masks in Portland, Oregon. Well, I got kicked out of more businesses than I can count. Right. And so I suddenly realized, okay, so what am I going to do here? How am I going to navigate this? But what was interesting, the interesting discovery that I made was that there were some businesses that did not kick me out. There were some businesses who didn't want to go through the trouble of mandating a mask or requiring a mask to enter their building, or they didn't believe it in the first place. Right? Well, over time, what I realized was that I was putting together a network of businesses for my own use, you know, grocery shopping, pizza, Chinese food, gasoline, pet food, whatever, that I had a small network, it was a small network, it was still Portland, Oregon. But it was a small network of businesses that I could go to and never had to wear a mask. And what I was in instinctively doing was, I was implementing these POW resistance techniques that I had learned when I was in the military

20 years ago, essentially, what one of the techniques that they teach you to help you survive and maintain your sanity in a POW camp is something called testing. So what I would, because what you do is you test your your prison guard, can I get away with this? And if he lets you get away with that, then can I get away with this? And he lets you get away with that, can I get away with this, and essentially the entire you're expanding your radius of liberty, or freedom, right? So because I was testing, I had more freedom to walk around without a mask than the guy next to me did who wore a mask anywhere, everywhere, and never bothered testing the business. So all during that time, I had a dis network of businesses that I didn't where I have to wear a mask. I can count on the number of my single my hand how many times I wore a mask at all in Portland. But then I moved, right I had enough of Portland, I'm done with this. And I moved to Florida, Florida, of course is leading the way in, in liberty and freedom and all that. But this was at the end of 2020. And even in Florida, I call it free Florida. Even in free Florida. There were still some businesses that require you to wear masks, big box stores, mom and pops. It was the whole range. But I didn't have my network. Right. And I wished I needed to know am I going to get it? Am I going to get hassled? I wanted to know that before I even went so I could go somewhere else. So I didn't have the I didn't have my network. And that was the kernel of the idea for breezy, right? If there were only some way that I could look ahead of time search out of business and get a thumbs up or a thumbs down, hey, this business is great or avoid this business. And then over the next several months, I slowly developed and developed and developed found a developer to code it for me. And now we're live with with the app itself. It's

George Papp  10:01  
amazing. Yeah, I think it's a great sense of like building a community, for people to be able to, you know, know in advance is something I know I would use, for sure. Like I didn't even know about it until, you know, the subscriber mentioned you guys, but I'll definitely use that, especially here. So yeah, it's a great, it's a really good idea. I think it really does allow people to, like, focus their currency on freedom based people and businesses, which helps the community grow as well. So yes, how's it going with Breathe Easy at the moment? I mean, is it in multiple cities at the moment in in the US? Is it going to be global? Potentially?

Robert A  10:45  
Yes, it is. It's on the iPhone, it's on the Apple app store now. And it's on the Google Play Store. Now, for the Apple App Store. It's nationwide in the US, you know, you if you can get to the app store, you can get to it. On the Google Android on the Android version, the Google version of the app is available in 176 countries, all over Europe, the UK, it's available pretty much everywhere. I want to check on Australia, I neglected to check on Australia, because Australia, New Zealand are there, they need this very, very badly. And so I need to check on that and start working on getting the word out. I was looking at working on it yesterday, trying to get the word out in Australia to see if they could get that going over there. Let's say I, I have a you can probably edit this out. But I do have a PowerPoint that I could share up on the screen and it'll show the app and in different key points about it. If you like

George Papp  11:51  
one, I mean, obviously for the audio members, they won't be able to see it. But you can. Yeah, just talk through it. If you're happy today, so yeah, why not? Yeah, one moment. Let me let me bring it up. In terms of just a quick question, while you do that, let's say obviously all the mask mandate start going away and stuff like that. How will it work in a sense that you can still visit places where you know, they are freedom based? Because obviously, we're seeing mask mandates dropped mostly? Will it continue in another way? In a sense, well, how will it work?

Robert A  12:29  
So I was I was talking to a friend the other day about exactly that. And that is, you know, every time these these leftists and these communists tried to it try to put some sort of limit on liberty and freedom and human spirit, it boomerangs on them, it boomerangs on them, not, it doesn't neutralize it, and what our response is always over and above what they ever anticipated. Right? So instead of just negating mass mandates, that's that all you're doing there is just holding the line, right? No, no, we're gonna go well beyond that. And that's already happening, where you may have heard the term parallel economy or Patriot economy or what have you, right. So what breed there are many businesses out there that are making it known that they are patriots and that they value liberty and freedom and all the rest? Well, what Breathe Easy is doing? The Breathe Easy app is no longer find businesses that don't require masks. It's not about that anymore. That's where the idea started. Right? But this is the boomerang effect. And it's gonna it's boomerang on them and then going beyond them. So instead, what Breathe Easy allows the user to do is to find those Patriot businesses and let other users know about the whether they requires masks, no masks with our our do, is this a woke business? Is this a business that you don't want to do business with? Right? Because of any number of different things, right? Well, if that's the case, then vote that business down and let the rest of the Breathe Easy users know about it. Conversely, if this business is a patriot business, or values, liberty and your rights and all the rest, however, that is measured, however, that is measured, because I don't want to put I don't want to put a metric on it because of course, this is worldwide. And every every community is going to have their own thresholds, right. And the app itself was built primarily for the local community to to build their own network, right, their own network of Patriot business. So essentially, I asked them, I asked the user to ask the question, is this a business that I want to invite into the parallel economy? Does this business warrant merit deserve my dollars? If my values are liberty, freedom, etc do I want to do business with that with that this joy when it gives them my money? And that's what that's how it works and of course every business gets a score, right? So as a matter of fact here I've got the I've got the PowerPoint up let me just see if I can share my screen with you leave share

George Papp  15:26  
if you can just talk through it. I will

Robert A  15:31  
Yeah. So of course now breezy itself what I want to explain the name where the name came from. And the Breathe Easy is a play on words for speakeasy. Right? So it it advances automatically apologist. All right, hold on, let me let me just take to it advances automatically. Let me I apologize. Let me just get this set up. Take your

George Papp  16:07  
time. Think the or the the parallel economy will continue. Now I think it's going to be like, I think I've said this before, it's like two different societies now. It's gonna be a very interesting going forward.

Robert A  16:28  
So you should meet share my screen again. Right. So the idea here is so Breathe Easy. During the 1920s and 30s. The United States prohibited the sale of alcohol. However, Americans what they did was they created secret bars or secret saloons, where you could have a drink. And they were obviously illegal. And they were called speakeasies, right? It's just a twin 1920s English American term. Anyway. So this speakeasies were illegal bars that were hidden behind doors. And what I realized was that these businesses now and 2020, and 2021, and 22, these businesses who were not enforcing these mandates, were very much like secret bars, they couldn't advertise that they wouldn't bother you. You just had to know. Right. So that's how the name breezy came about is it's like a speakeasy. It's a secret business that won't hassle you about wearing masks, or it's a secret business that respects your rights and liberties.

Sorry, man, I'm trying to figure out how to, not worries. know, kind of, it's irking me now. So you on this screen here, what you see is you see on the right hand side, you see the breezy app itself, right? With of upvote and downvote. It's very, very simple. And the idea here is that you can avoid woke businesses and patronize Patriot businesses. By using the app, right, you can look ahead of time. And you can see on the main screen there, there's a search function. And if you can Google the business, if it's in Google, it will pop up, right? So you can google accounting, you can Google pizza, you can you know, anything you want, you can search on the breezy app for that business. And the results will show up. Now, every business has a score, right? So then you can sort by score etc, when in the results. And you can see here, so very easily. The idea here is that you have to be at the business in order to vote. And the reason for that is to avoid fraud, right? Somebody some keyboard warrior, you back on the you know, at, at home downvoting Patriot businesses and ruining their score. Well, I fully accept that we are at war, and I have to make sure that that does not happen. So the idea here is that you have to be physically in front of the business in order to vote and in the phone knows can see the businesses around you.

George Papp  19:39  
What's your current user list at the moment? How many users are currently using it?

Robert A  19:46  
We're still growing, but not as many as we would like. So quite a we have users all across the country. I'd say. We have some up in Portland for sure, California. Fornia Virginia, Ohio, Florida for sure, Texas, all over the place all over. As far as numbers are concerned. It's we're still in startups so.

George Papp  20:14  
So, yeah, yeah.

Robert A  20:16  
And here's the thing, too, is that what I'm what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to avoid advertising on the main platforms like Facebook, and I don't want to give them any more money or strength. Because guess what, if you want, if you are a business, and you want to advertise on breathe easy, we would more than welcome you. But we consider advertising to patriots is a it's a privilege, right? So the business has to maintain a score. And it's pretty low score, to be honest. But it has to maintain a level of credibility in order for them to be able to advertise on breezy. So you can see here, on this next screen here, every business has a really easy score. And you can see that there on the we call that a business card. And what the business card is, is basically, this is where you vote, right? Voting is done on a five point scale, where the gray right there in the center is neutral. Everybody starts off with a score of 3.0 On a scale of one to five, right? One is the super bad, and five is super good. So what happens is that as votes come in, those votes can turn into scores. And then those scores are applied to the business. That way, when you do a search, or you show up at a business, you can look at the score and determine Hey, is this is this someplace I want to go or not?

George Papp  22:01  
So you said obviously it's available on Google and Apple. Yep. So I wanted to ask, is there any like sensuous censorship resistant approach that you're thinking of going down? Just because obviously, we know that apps are getting deleted, and you know, all kinds of things. So if this grows, for example, I'm sure that way, they won't last very long in the place, though. So is there any like blockchain solutions potentially that you guys are looking into?

Robert A  22:33  
I haven't considered blockchain though. That's an interesting idea. But yes, we absolutely. So the it's basically in phases, right? We can't do everything all at once. Because simply we don't have the resources to do it. So first phase was Apple eyes to our apple store. Second phase was Google Play Store. And then third phase will be a web based app. Right? Very Google or not Google. I'm sorry, gab. If you're familiar with Gab, I'm on gab and only gab gab. It does not go on the App Store. And it is not on the Play Store for obvious reasons. So we're going to follow that same, that same model of we're going to have a web based version of the app, probably fairly soon, probably in the next couple of months or so. We're still small enough that we're able to fly under the radar for now. But But yes, it's absolutely in the in the in the works.

George Papp  23:33  
Yeah, I mean, some people asked me, some people asked me as well about Krypton Emus are our solution for sort of the membership site on in regards to getting out of the banks. And at the moment, it's literally just PayPal as a solution. It's just to get it up and running. And I understand what you are is like, just to get it up and running. But this, the other solutions will be there. Whilst you're growing. I think that's that's important to know.

Robert A  24:03  
You know, what, uh, speaking of cryptocurrencies, that was, that was another idea. And it's a little dumb down the road. And I may even reach out to you later when we're ready. But building a wave, we're talking about parallel economy now. Then what about building a cryptocurrency based on votes? Right? Where every time somebody votes, they earn some fraction of a of a coin. And then those coins become transferable to Patriot businesses. Right? It was an idea that I had probably a couple months ago, but of course, like you just said, we're just simply not we're not there yet. But it's definitely on the I've got a whiteboard here of ideas that were that we're going to implement. It's just a matter of time.

George Papp  24:55  
There's a lot of, there's a lot of things you can do with this. You know, so many Some nations that you can go down with crypto with, with other tax solutions. So, ya know, it's something that improves slowly.

Robert A  25:10  
Right? So I think that the the secret sauce of breezy, is what we call the alternative business list. And that's what's on the screen right now is basically a description of what the alternative business list is. So here's the idea, right? Let's pretend that you're out running your errands, and you walk into a business and they value your freedoms and liberties. And they welcome you, and you want to invite them into the parallel economy, and you hit that vote up vote. Congratulations, welcome to the parallel economy, you now have a higher Breathe Easy score than you did before, congratulations. But then by the same token, you might encounter a business that calls the police on you or requires a mask or simply supports leftist causes that you don't think need to be don't aren't in line with your values, you want to vote that business down. So here's what happens. This is this is the secret sauce, when you vote a business down, let's say for example, this this barbecue place here, down the street from me, you downvote the business. And then once that vote is confirmed, once you hit the confirm button, Breathe Easy will look in its own database and look for what is it similar businesses of the same category you see restaurant restaurant, and it will provide you a business with a higher score? Right? So you now have a choice. Let me explain it again. So when you download a business, and that and you and you and the score is low, right, you you provide a low score. Well, what happens is Breathe Easy, will then search its own database for businesses within the same category to but with a higher Breathe Easy score. So I remember when dirt when I would during the lock downs and all the rest. This is a direct result of my own experiences. And then during lock downs, I sometimes I was forced to wear a mask because I had no other choice. I didn't know of another business, let's say if I want to do buy dog food or something. And this dog food store needed me to wear a mask. Well, where else am I going to get dog food? Well, now with this, it will provide me a list of other pet stores that don't require a mask or at the very least have a higher Breathe Easy score than the one that I'm standing in front of right now. That's hassling me. So there's never a reason now to compromise your own principles just to buy dog food. Right? It's not a good deal. So we provide that opportunity.

George Papp  28:06  
Excellent. Now it looks good. I mean, in regards to the the suggestible literacy alternative restaurant, would that be in a local area? Or would it be you know, could it actually just spill out something quite far away? For example?

Robert A  28:20  
No, yeah, that's a great question. So if you remember, this whole, the the app itself was built with the local business in mind. So when a when a user does a search, he is searching, he's searching out to I want to say 25 miles. So if he's live searching for an account, it will go out 25 miles and search your local area. Same here. The alternative business lists seeks out businesses have a higher business score and breathe easy score out to 25 miles. The only exception to that is when an advertiser is advertising on a national scale. Right? So imagine you're an accountant or a bakery or something and you have a mail order muffin business, right? Well, you're going to want a national campaign. So your national campaign overrides that rule. Right, you will be visible nationwide, even regardless of of the 25 mile limit. But But yeah, typically, the search and the alternative business list goes out to 25 miles.

George Papp  29:32  
Cool. Excellent. I mean, is there any in regards to like future plans for Breathe Easy? I know we discussed the sort of a couple of different things but what is the sort of next step for Breathe Easy and what you guys have got planned?

Robert A  29:49  
So yes, we're working on it right now. I gave the developer the green light, just a week or so ago, to develop a Well to develop modification to breathe easy, and to allow users because we're entering, I don't know, if how international your user your listenership is. But in the United States we're entering in the next couple of months our election season, right? Every two years we have go through an election season. And this year is in November is the next election. So the idea here is to modify breathe easy, just a little bit, so that voters, people who are out voting for their candidates can identify irregularities or voter intimidation, or problems with the machines at the location that they are voting at. Right, because what Breathe Easy can see around it, it knows what locations and buildings and businesses are around it. And in the United States, anyway, polling locations, locations where voting occurs, happens in established buildings, right. So when a voter observes on election day, hey, this machine, changed my vote, or this vote, this polling worker attempted to intimidate me, or any number of problems? Well, you can go into the Breathe Easy app and make your make that observation known. And then what we're going to do is we're going to take all that information and then share it, right, and basically put a spotlight on these individual locations that are that are having voter integrity problems. And of course, you know, let this is kind of back to that boomerang issue. Not only are we maintaining the line, but we're gonna go so far beyond that we're basically reshaping the entire economy for one and how we do everything in namely, our elections as well. So that is that's coming up. It's in development. Now. They're working on it. It's not that not that big of a tweak. So we're going to it'll, it'll be ready for election season for sure. And, and you'll be seeing communications on that here pretty soon, actually.

George Papp  32:22  
That's fun. I mean, it's hilarious to see. See no old man, who can't even put a sentence together? Actually, people believing that's the person running the country. It's quite it's quite jokes. Um, you have to laugh really? I've laughed a lot, actually, in the last couple of years, mostly the last year, the firt, like you said, I think there's a lot of anger in the first year of like, what things were, like how things were going on? And to be honest, there is a lot of people going through a lot of things. But yeah, like, you do have to kind of laugh at some of the stuff that's going on as well. I mean, it would be

Robert A  33:02  
so funny, it would be funny if it weren't so sad. You know,

George Papp  33:07  
I would I would I would I want to ask you this, because this is like from my on my personal understanding. I mean, we all have different opinions. Right? Do you think that America's issues and the global issues can be solved with politics? Because, in my opinion, we saw Trump in power, who was pushing vaccines? Then we had who started the whole operation warp speed, then we also obviously, we know what's going on now. I mean, these these guys are a joke. But do we do we? Do you actually believe in your opinion that we can solve our society's issues through the political system is?

Robert A  33:59  
What a great question. George, my belief is that politics is should be should be, should be nothing more than the voice of the people themselves. Right. Politics is merely the the the instrument by which the will of the people is an act. However, what we are discovering what we discovered in the last couple of years, is that politics as it exists right now, does not represent the will of the people. Right. So if the if politics and policies and all the rest do not represent the will of the people, then governments have no mandate. They are a de facto tyranny and dictatorship dressed up to look like a democracy, right. And what's putting what's putting the truth to that is the discovery that so many of our elections have been compromised already. How far back if they've been compromised as a big question, and fraud vitiates everything. So we'll see how that goes. Can politics solve it? I see politics as a tool, right? It's a wrench, it is a mechanism by which the people make their desires known. So we, in my humble opinion, we have already won the war. And the war is the people are now awake and understand their situation, that government does not represent them. Even in the in the macro all the way down to the micro, it simply does not represent them. And as you see, breathe easy in from the economic standpoint, and also, from the voter integrity standpoint, breathe easy. It's just about one, one piece of that puzzle to correct it, right. It's just a small little piece, right? But the bigger battle, the bigger war has already been won. And that is people know, our situation. And now they're being steps like that. There's that boomerang again, it's going to not only stop it, but then fix it. That's my take.

George Papp  36:09  
It's an interesting, like, what is going to happen next is interesting, because most people now in my opinion, what I can see them, there are obviously a lot of like people who still go along with stuff, but like, even the average person in 2020, who was you know, wearing their masks and stuff, and the VAX and all that. But let's say I mean, a lot of people now right now are really not. They do not trust the government anymore. Because we can, I mean, if you do trust your government, right, now, you've got to have some sort of, I mean, I'm not even gonna say but like you, you, you can see now that even the average people back in two years ago are actually questioning everything now. Maybe they're not putting steps to doing something different, but they can at least understand that there's something wrong. So I guess, you know, the next step is to do something about it. And I'm in I'm in going back to your opinion, on the politics side of things, I'm like, I have some resemblance to some pool to the only thing that the left used to be was that I actually, you know, sort of kind of had some detachment to was that they didn't really believe in war, and stuff like that. But I mean, now I can't even see anything that they do is like resemblance of anything that is for freedom, it doesn't have anything that I'm actually, you know, seeing myself really do. I would rather be sad, at this moment in time with someone who's a Trump full Trump supporter, even though in my opinion, Trump was a honeypot for people to see that someone's doing something in the political system, but he's not really. I would rather sit with those guys, because they at least understand that there's something wrong. And you know, they believe in freedom. So that is where I sit not. I'm nowhere near politics, man, I don't actually believe in voting for someone to basically make laws for you at this point. That's where we are, I believe, maybe in in a small, the smallest government possible, you know, making government as small as possible. And, you know, that's where I believe if there is any government, it should be as small as possible. There's also a, I guess, there is an argument for completely no government. So because they always grow into something like this, because America wasn't always like this. It was a, you know, they left Britain and other countries in Europe, because of a tea tax. That was like barely anything, you know, at the time, it was like one or 2% Tea tax, and people decided to like go to another land where there wasn't that now we're talking, you know, half your wages being dropped in tax to pay for a welfare state?

Robert A  38:58  
I would, I would, I would submit that the reason that we broke from England was more complex than simply the one time. Yeah, and you know what you could, if you look at the American Bill of Rights, the first 10 amendments of the Constitution, if you take the reverse of those bills, or that Bill of Rights, and make them statements, then you see what England was doing and the third amendment, the third amendment is the federal government is not allowed to quarter soldiers in private homes. Right. So the government, the military army couldn't come in and I would be forced to put soldiers in my spare bedroom. Well, that's what was that was what one thing that England was doing is that these colonists remember they were colonists. They had no right to privacy and no right to personal property. And the soldiers were being they were forced to feed and house British soldiers. You can go on and on on the 10 amendments or the first 10 amendments but up. Yeah, I'm a friend of mine, she says principle over party. Right, which I agree with 100%, her name is KrisAnne Hall. If you can get her on the show, I think she would be a great, great guest for you. But I, uh, she and I are old friends, we go back a long way. And she's right principle over party. And whether it's Donald Trump DeSantis, or any number of political candidates, as long as they embody, you know, freedom, liberty and the right to choose. And when I say right to choose, I'm not talking about abortion, I'm talking about the right to self agency, right, then, then that's the principle that you need, that supports human sovereignty. Right, you are a individual.

George Papp  40:54  
Interesting stuff. Last question, I guess is like, where, before we go into where your people can find your work? Where do you think things are going next, in your opinion? And, yeah, just where do you what do you think is the next stage in all crazy decade ahead?

Robert A  41:18  
I will. I will say that I gave up trying to predict the future many years ago. Because you couldn't predict any of this right?

George Papp  41:31  
Yep, that's true.

Robert A  41:33  
The, I will say, here's, here's my outlook is, first of all, first and foremost, the war is already won. You cannot unsee what we have seen, you can't, right. So I always have, I always take the long view saying that we will eventually win. And embedded in that eventual win, there's going to be some losses along the way, you're going to win some you're going to lose some. And I fully expect we're going to lose some. And I take that as a cost of doing business. Right? It is the cost of the war that we are in. Sometimes the bear eats you, and sometimes you eat the bear. But if victory is assured no matter what, then there's really no real reason to get super agitated. You we have to take action. And that's what Breathe Easy is doing Breathe Easy is taking that action and contributing to the fight. But I don't expect a mate win every battle, I fully expect to get taken off the App Store and the Google Play Store. I'm waiting for it to happen. But we're prepared. We know that we're at war. What do I see in the immediate future? Tough to say, like I said, we're going into the our national elections this November. And I have a feeling that that will be a watershed moment, for better or worse. Because if there is a giant what we call a red wave of of conservative candidates getting elected, then, then that takes us down one particular path. If we see that that does not occur, then that's a different path. But for different reasons. That doesn't mean the Democrats are going to suddenly run the country because guess what, Biden is not running the country. And nobody respects Biden, even though he's president. But everybody knows he cheated. So if if you have 80 90 million people who are voting red, who are voting for the conservative ticket, and they don't win, then you know, the fix is in and, and the legitimacy of those elections fall even less to what they are now. If once you lose the mandate of the people, you're done, you're done. And it would it would be difficult to describe, predict, you know, how that will work out?

George Papp  44:07  
Yes, I will say this about the sort of leaders in quotation mark of the world. A lot of them have stayed around through elections, even though they like heckled by most of the most of the population. I believe it's due to they're sort of signed up to the World Economic Forum also, or something like that, you know, Macron you know, he's been there for years, but no one likes him. Boris Johnson was there for a while. They're just going to replace him with a World Economic Forum type person anyway. But it seems like they stay on the ones that they you know, Trudeau from other one. It's, it's interesting.

Robert A  44:46  
Yeah, that tells you that that the elections are not fair altogether. Yeah. They're they're not legitimate elections. And a friend of mine once said long time ago, said just because they're in power, the only reason they're in power is because they have they have that leverage right now, but it doesn't last forever. And things are changing. So I don't know, ultimately, I am quite hopeful for the future. Because the questions that we're asking now, just in the last couple of years, a couple of smart cookies out there are going to start at wondering about elections five years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, 30 years ago. And and once you start asking questions, and that there are no ready answers, it's like a splinter in your mind, you cannot get rid of that question. And too many people are making questions right now, for us to ever go back to the way it was.

George Papp  45:47  
Which is a good thing, actually, I think, because people we all lived, including myself, I was in a complete different world, compared to now I wasn't even thinking about any of this. So I guess COVID, in a way was a blessing to a lot of people in it as well, you know, we can see that people had bad times, and I'm sure they did. But for a lot of people, it changed a lot of people's lives in a positive way, I think a lot of people use it as a positive chance to change their lives. So that's, that's one thing I would say.

Robert A  46:21  
You know, I remember when I was a child, I had chickenpox. Having chickenpox as a child, inoculated me for the rest of my life. And as a matter of fact, other mothers, once a child had chickenpox, other mothers would bring their child over to catch chickenpox, so that it would become inoculated naturally. And it's entirely likely that COVID is our civilizations chickenpox, because once we get it, once we see reality for what it is, there's no going back, and we are inoculated for a very long time.

George Papp  47:03  
Yeah, now like that, we can, we can definitely leave it at that, because that's a good, a nice positive tone to end on. Because I think there's so much hype, there's a lot of fear out there. But I just, I can't take in that information is just fear based, because you can get fear based information from the alternative space, as well as the news. So you know, when we're talking about conspiracy theories all the time and bringing in that fear, it's just as bad as the news. Maybe Maybe one's more true than the other. But I would say that it's still bringing in a very low energy, which will make you not really want to take action and be scared about doing anything. So I would say focus on you, and what feels right to you. Because you will know the answer. You don't need to listen to this for answers. You don't have to listen to the news for answers, for sure. And even you know, guys on Odyssey, so like, I think it's definitely within us to find the truth and to to make the right decisions for ourselves and our families. Absolutely. Where can people find you, Robert?

Robert A  48:11  
Yes. So for right now, you can find me on gab at Breathe Easy, right? Is my handle there. I post on there quite a bit. You can also find me at www dot breathe, which I'm assuming you'll probably have it up on the screen or something. And then on the App Store, App Store and Google Play Store that you just search for breathe easy. But if you go to the website, there are links directly to the app that you can download there.

George Papp  48:43  
Yeah, I'll make sure all the links are in the show notes. Thanks again, Robert, for joining me. Potentially, we can have have you on again in the future to discuss the developments on breathe easy. See where it is? Yeah. Yeah, nice one. Yeah, I guess make sure you guys subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode. Share if you know someone that this might be valuable to. Also check out the show notes again for all this stuff that Robert has mentioned in regards to breathe easy. And also we have a link to our membership, which aims to help you guys grow and preserve your wealth to have the potential to build away from the system and the current issues in the economy. We'll put those links in the description as well. Peace and love to you guys. Thanks for listening