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Spirituality, Energy & Sound Healing: Houry Pappin

June 21, 2022 George Papp Season 1 Episode 2
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Spirituality, Energy & Sound Healing: Houry Pappin
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Learn more about energy healing, hypnotherapy and healing past trauma. Houry, an independent well-being consultant with over 24 years of experience, talks about her personal journey to gain self-awareness by addressing deep emotional issues and discovering the effects of energetic frequencies on the body which inspired her to develop her skills in the field of holistic therapy. Her long list of healing methodologies includes Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Reconnective Healing/The Reconnection, Nutrition, Aromatherapy, Theragem Crystal Light Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, Sound Healing, Far Infrared Therapy and Yoga. She even teases us with the sound of a RAV Russian Drum tuned to the 432 Hz frequency and explains the negative effects of 440Hz on the body.

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George Papp  0:08  
Hi, welcome to the conscious renegade podcast with me, George Patton, helping you to be the change you wish to see in the world.

Today, we are joined by Houry, founder of the wellbeing zone and she also composes spiritual, uplifting music. So we'll be discussing alternative health and wellness as well as alternative music. And how are you and thanks for coming on.

Houry Pappin  0:47  
Thank you, George. And thank you for inviting me. I'm, it's not very often I do podcasts and I get interviewed. So I'm quite chuffed and humbled. Thank you so much. Yeah, thank you. I'm hoping that I can share some of my experience with, with your, with with the listeners.

George Papp  1:18  
Excellent. Yeah. I mean, yeah, I mean, we don't just, you know, go for people who, you know, have a huge following. We are discussing with Harry, some of the small projects that she's doing great projects, and she's also been involved in the freedom space and, and sort of, yeah, spirituality. And obviously, we discussed music as well. And then obviously, well being. So I mean, I guess the first thing to discuss would be your story and how you got into this space and how you sort of moved away from from the system and how you feel about the system. But how how did your story begin, because I know everyone in this space has an interesting story to tell usually.

Houry Pappin  2:05  
So I was I'm, I was born in the UK from parents who are Palestinian, Coptic, Armenian. So my mother was in Armenia and my father Palestinian caught, and we lived in Kuwait for five years, and then moved to the UAE, United Arab Emirates. And I was sent to boarding school when I was seven years old, and Lebanon. And so that's where my difficulties, so we say start started. So I had quite a traumatic childhood, as a result of, you know, being in boarding school and many other things. I didn't realize really any of that until I was in my 30s. And I was heavily bulimic from from my, from the age of 14, which is kind of like a mental disorder where you, you eat and you throw up. And it's to do with control issues. So if you didn't have any control in your life, and if you had mother being very controlling, then you know, it kind of manifests that way. I didn't realize any, that I there was something wrong. Although I knew that something was right in my life just didn't. It didn't click until in my 30s. And then I started going and doing Reiki sessions through a friend she told me come in, let's go in there and break. And through Reiki, I opened me up to so many other different fields of of healing. And this we're talking 1994 95 The trigger was a breakup with a boyfriend, and that really devastated me. And then I went into Reiki and I learned Reiki got married, but still I hadn't dealt with my issues. Yeah. Yeah. So it's a process, you know. And I, you know, again, the traumas, you kind of start, if you haven't dealt with your traumas in the past, you tend to repeat those patterns over and over again. But you start attracting, you know, the abusive partners or the events in your life that that happened in your childhood or you were conditioned that way in your childhood. And so I realized that I'm still repeating those patterns and I thought, then I've got to do more. I've got to start delving more into i had to sit I When I had therapy, I had to have therapy because I had a lot of issues to deal with. And I realized that the only way was to sit with myself, to sit with myself and to sit with my emotions. And let these emotions go through me because I was always Oh, happy go lucky. Oh, let's not deal with this. No, no, let's do something. Let's dive, you know, pattern interrupt, you know, we don't want to feel bad now. Let's feel good. I'm avoiding. I was doing that. And then it kind of hit me that no, I need to sit, I need to sit with myself. I need to sit with all my issues. I need to go through all the stuff that I went through, and emote and cry. I mean, maybe some people don't feel comfortable prime. But for me crying is very, very healing. And so, you know, I would go through waves and bouts of crying and then feeling okay. And then again, anyway, this was my healing journey. And it's still a process because I can't say that I'm completely healed. I still seek therapy, I still do my meditations and dealing with fears, and I still get emotional. And I still think of the past sometimes, but, you know, slowly but surely it kind of like it becomes less and less, you know, negativity attached to the past events. Yeah. And, and eventually, the goal is to become like, Okay, that was a movie. It's a movie. In the past. You look at it. Okay, happen. Okay, let's move on now.

George Papp  6:54  
Yeah, I think this is the key. Before we even talk about off grid, and talk about crypto and talk about any other solution, I think the ultimate foundation is to heal ourselves from our traumas. And I think otherwise, we won't be able to build communities that are out of their ego, and therefore, they will break down. And yeah, and then we'll just continue a cycle. Like you said, I think that's the problem. But I think there is a lot of a lot of people it seems goes through, like a breakdown and then get a break through. I've noticed that myself too. And I think that happens. And yeah, I mean, meditation and spirituality are a big part of that. And, yeah, it's a consistent journey. You I mean, anyone who doesn't have therapy, I urge you to do that, just because it's not anything to be ashamed of. We were programmed, and we have our own issues from a child, even people who consider their childhood to be perfect in quotation marks. There's always something that you were you were programmed at some point, either by school, by your parents, by your ethnic group, by any of these labels. So yeah, it's great to hear. I mean, what about your How did you sort of come to realize that the system is kind of against your own? I guess, freedom and, and yeah, for the good of, I guess, how did you sort of find that out?

Houry Pappin  8:33  
Yeah, well, in 2012, I moved from the UAE, with my son to the UK, for his education, and I wasn't working in the UK, I was just being a mum, to my son and I had all the time in the world. And so I think some a friend mentioned something about David Icke. And I started looking up David Icke and his staff. And oh, my God, it was such a, you know, an aha moment for me. All the stuff that you know, I didn't feel right about in the in the past, just all came together and made sense from what he was saying. And I just read and read and I read his, a couple of his books, and I started listening to him. I went to one of his seminars and London, and I just, it really opened up a whole new world for me. And I become became very curious and I started looking at others and another one was Barbara Marciac, who channels the Pleiadians In a lot of information, she she gets out who else I went in, I got into cry on but I think crying is controlled opposition. Now, all he talks about is Zion and going back to Zion. And so just crying is big. And I was floored that Kryon was, you know, was, you know, was channeling the right, the right people, but you got to be very discerning these days because there's so many charlatans out there. I mean, I used to listen to Abraham speaks also Abraham speaks was was channeling Esther, Esther Hicks was channeling Abraham speaks. Abraham being the group of spirits. And they also corrupted also infiltrated controlled opposition. I don't believe in in Abraham speaks anymore. So you've got to be very, very discerning. And yeah, so after, after 2012 I just I woke up I could see I mean, I could you once you once you wake up immediately you see stuff around you you can tell this is you know, this is this is fake. This is not fake. This is you know, planned. It's incredible.

George Papp  11:29  
Yeah. It's like, you wanna you can't go back it's like a mess it up when the doors the door shut behind you, isn't it? That's right.

Houry Pappin  11:39  
And I you know, they thought I was going mad. And they thought I was a crazy woman. Because I was cuz because of course, you know, when you wake up to this, to suddenly you wake up to this other world that you didn't know about? I went I went crazy. So I've got to tell the world I've got I was posting stuff on Facebook and sharing and saying, this is this is what's happening wake up. And you know, everyone thought I was going crazy.

George Papp  12:10  
Yeah, I think is an interesting thing. Because I I'm starting to think now that it's kind of set up in that way that certain people will never wake up. Now we can do as much as we can to help. Yeah, to spread the message. But I think there is some point I think in this sort of whatever we live in, I think there seems to be a sort of cut off of okay, there are going to be certain percentages of this, of this population that will not sort of change their views. So I think the big key is to get to try and help people who are maybe open minded, and also to help each other in this sector. So where we were looking for solutions to live outside of what currently is going on. So I guess that's a good segue to your business, the well being zone and what you do with with well being. So yeah, just explain a little bit about it. And now what you're currently doing

Houry Pappin  13:16  
so, so when I was seeking therapy, I felt that this is something that I really was passionate about, too. So I decided that I'm going to get, you know, some qualifications and certifications in order to help my family initially and then others, so So I got into hypnotherapy and NLP Emotional Freedom Technique. So I think you're aware of what hypnotherapy is. And or should I explain hypnotherapy? George, what do you think?

George Papp  13:56  
Yeah, I think it's a big, important topic, actually. Something that I've tried to look into lately, but yeah, yeah, go through.

Houry Pappin  14:05  
Okay, so basically, everybody seems to think that hypnotherapy is like this, this person on stage who can who can get you to do anything and you don't remember anything and he it can be quite dangerous. Oh, it's far from that because hypnotherapy is with the consent. You know, once the person says, Yes, I want to be hypnotized, then that's permission for the person to guide you. And to help you contact your subconscious mind because the subconscious mind is is the one that's controlling us. Although we think or the conscious mind, no, you know, you might say to yourself, oh, I'm going to lose weight. Yeah, I'm going to do this. I'm going to do that you you probably will lose a little bit of weight but subconscious mind, which is one Much, much more powerful than the conscious mind will will decide no, I, you know, because I need to be protected, there's certain issues that haven't been dealt with from the past, for example, say the person has been sexually abused. And you know, and a lot of sexual abuse victims tend to put on weight to protect themselves. Okay, in you know, in future so that they don't get abused. So, for example, subconscious mind is going to say, oh, no, you're gonna put on you're gonna put back that weight back on. So, you see what happens therapy does it, it takes the conscious mind out of the way. Because conscious mind is always protecting the, you know, the barrier between the subconscious mind and so we we take it away so that we talk directly to the subconscious mind and come to an agreement with the subconscious mind so that it is not, it is protecting you but in a positive way in a constructive way rather than a negative way. And so, hypnotherapy is is and with hypnotherapy, you can go back to past, to your childhood events, which you have blocked, you can go into the into fetus mode, you know, you can you can find out what your parents were saying, if your mother wanted to get rid of you, you know, in, in, in in when she was pregnant, you can go to past lives also. And so it's a very good way of healing issues. From from childhood, and also from from past lives if if there is a Karma involved. Yeah, so

George Papp  16:52  
yeah, we're definitely in. So yeah, I think we're definitely in a place now where you can see the collective consciousness is like, just suffering from trauma that hasn't been dealt with. And same for you. Same same for us even obviously, but we can, we can see that. I think you the important thing is to do the work yourself work. And hypnotherapy does go a long way to doing that. The first step that I made was personally was just counselling that sort of helped them on the conscious level, right? But yeah, the subconscious is something you won't even recognize is there. So yeah, I mean, any way to deal with the traumas will make your life so much better, because I believe we're creators of our own reality, in a sense. So if we can fix those issues, we will have a better life going forward. So yeah, the repetitive cycles, people who are, you know, addicted to any substances and stuff like that this is just poor form as coming back and not You're not sort of dealing with that. So yeah, it's really interesting what you're saying there. So do you personally do hypnotherapy?

Houry Pappin  18:09  
To be frank, I was, I was practicing hypnotherapy. I don't much any more, although I do want to go back into it. But at the moment, I'm not I'm not taking him to therapy. Sessions, but I do want to get back to it because, you know, it's, it's, it's quite, it's quite satisfying. It's quite satisfying. Yeah.

George Papp  18:40  
I guess it's important for the trust the person as well. You know, if someone's got a very similar mindset, in a sense that you don't want to just choose any one for hypnotherapy, I believe. Just because, yeah, in that sense, could be dangerous, but I think if you can have a very good connection with with the hypnotherapist, it will definitely work out well, in my opinion.

Houry Pappin  19:05  
Also, with hypnotherapy, the hypnotherapist can cannot ask you to do anything you do not want to do. You are very well aware of what's happening during a hypnotherapy session. And so and you will remember it you will remember the session but the hypnotherapist cannot ask you to to do something you do not want to do. And so so it's very important with the hypnotherapy session to trust your Hypnotherapist. And also because she will he she or he will you know you have to follow the instructions that she gives you or he gives you because only then can you be hypnotized when you follow the instructions, but you have to trust them.

George Papp  19:52  
Yeah, that's very interesting. It's a very interesting topic. Something that definitely I think is, is something I'm looking into personally. And it is something that I think it could help many people with their trauma. For sure. I guess another thing that you you actually contribute to is sort of alternative music. I know you're into alternative music. So I mean, yeah, just touch upon how you sort of get involved in that space and what you what you do and what it is really, in regards to frequencies and, and yeah, what basically you're doing in that space.

Houry Pappin  20:37  
So, when I was going through a very low period, in my life, it was during my divorce in 2015. I, I learned how to play a little bit of piano when I was when I was young. And I, I love to sing, and I love to dance. And I played also a little bit of guitar, I prefer the guitar because I could, I could sing the contemporary songs with the guitar. And I did that when I was a teenager at school, and I used to have quite a few people come and listen to me in the in the evenings, you know, during after dinner, and I seem to be, you know, very confident at the time singing. And then somehow life took over. And I, I became very, you know, like public speaking, I had a fear of public speaking. And I wouldn't, I wouldn't play any more the guitar or the piano. But in 2015, when I was going through my divorce, I was at a really low period. And suddenly, I just, I don't know, what took what, what guided me, but I felt I needed to express my emotions, with with music. And so I compose this song. And then I decided, Okay, I'm going to put some lyrics onto it. And, and after, you know, after about a year, I had my song, it took me a while actually, I had my song and it's called, I have a dream, and I have a dream is about exactly what we are going to do now. And this was in 2015. And, and I have a dream, that we are all one, you know, under the sun, and, you know, we're coming together as one and we're building, you know, us together. And we're letting go of all our fears. And we're, you know, we're no longer slaves anymore. And, and, you know, we're, we're, we're connecting with the key within and with with the song, each one of us has a song inside us. And so this is what the song is all about. I can share the song, if you want. It's, I had it produced professionally. And it's on SoundCloud, so I can share that with you. 

George Papp  23:05  
Sure. Yeah, we'll have we'll have that in the, in the show notes for sure. For you guys to check out. I mean, what what in regards to I've in regards to the sort of the actual music frequency? So I know it's 432 hertz music? That seems to Yeah, yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

Houry Pappin  23:24  
So my music isn't 432 Because I, you know, I haven't I don't know how to how to create it that way, shall we say, at this point in time, but all the music now that you hear is that 440 Hertz. And this is very disruptive to our human body field. Our body field is resonates best with 432 Hertz. And this is also very harmonious with Earth's fields also. Because you know, the Earth has a field, everything, everything is vibrating at a frequency and everything has a sound. Even, you know, human beings, objects, everything has a certain frequency, and a certain sound. And this is fascinating for me, because I would love to learn how to heal with sound. I have I'm not I'm not there yet. So you could take a tumor. And if you gave it the correct frequencies and and sounds, you could heal that tumor.

George Papp  24:45  
Yeah, I think Tesla was onto something, obviously. In regards to frequencies. But yeah, that got sort of disrupted, obviously. But yeah, I think I think it's very interesting that space. And it makes sense. Because we are energy, right? So we're, I guess we are a frequency, full of energy. And if you you can basically control that through sound through. Yeah, these sorts of frequencies, which it makes sense that the music is very dumbed down at this point is not even with the frequency, which is obvious, but with the words and, you know, with the sort of message that it points across now, there's not much there. It's very, very basic. And obviously, it talks about the sort of side of life, like in most of the sort of top 10 is basically very, very, either mundane, or it's about money, or, you know, yeah, it's not, it's not there to uplift you. Now, you can make, I don't know, if you've, you can see the difference for when you listen to different types of music that makes you feel good, versus the sort of top 10 that nowadays we have, there is a massive difference even on a personal level, I believe, just listening to I know, this is, I don't know, if if Bob Marley was using 432 hertz, but his music was at least uplifting and very, his words were very, you know, open and spiritual in a sense, versus and had meaning and nowadays, we don't have anything like that. So, you know, it makes sense to control people through these types of frequencies. So yeah, it's a great point. Try and get some 432 hertz music going. Here is I believe there may be some on YouTube, I'm not too sure if they are actually 432 Hertz. I mean, do you have that sort of? Yeah, you get

Houry Pappin  26:43  
if people are into hand pans, I just bought myself a 432 hertz handpan and it really sounds so beautiful. I can I can give you a little bit of a thing if you want got it here

George Papp  27:20  
so are those that that is beautiful? I've actually heard that before. Is that the like a Russian is it called like a Russian drum? Like the metal? Yes. It's

Unknown Speaker  27:30  
a RAV Vast. It's Russian RAV Vast. It's called mine that I have is a RAV Vast. I think it's an originally Russian

George Papp  27:39  
is so interesting, because my I know someone here my my cousin actually has one of those. And I was always wondering what it was. And yeah, I mean, obviously, he was very far ahead in his journey. Because I was like, What, What's he doing? Like, what is that? And I remember him playing that one night, it was silent on a piece of land out in the fields here. And I remember him playing that. And I actually got emotional. And I'm not even one I was not one of those types to be spiritual back then at all. And it actually did something to me for sure. Because I felt something when he was playing that. And I think that's where my, my journey started, actually. So yeah, I mean, it's great that that you have one of those because it reminded me

Unknown Speaker  28:32  
I had one specially ordered as a 432, because most of them are 440 Hertz.

George Papp  28:35  
Yeah. Okay. So you have to be careful about these things. Because obviously, yeah, we that's something you have to sort of ask I believe guitars can be 432 right as well. Yeah, yeah. Cool. So yeah, anyone out there who's who's a musician, if you haven't known already. Yeah, so 432 hertz, definitely the the type of music you want to be playing. So I guess, let's move on to what your outlook on what's to come and what you believe, is to come obviously, we we don't want to get too negative, but what what do you think is coming? And then after that, we'll go into what you're doing and how you're preparing, etc. But yeah, what do you think's coming at the moment in regards to the world situation and our society as a whole?

Houry Pappin  30:37  
I think we're going through the birthing canal. Yeah. So, um, things are gonna get pretty shitty and, and, and difficult. I think, for the next two years, maybe three.

You know, these, we've given our power away so. And what's happening outside is so much a reflection of what's happening inside. I can look at my past, and the people involved in the events involved. And I can, I can mirror that with what is happening now in the outside world. So that's why it's so important for for, for us to heal ourselves. Because as we're healing ourselves, we're also healing the outside.

George Papp  31:45  
Yeah. And you're, I think one point to make is, if you're in your ego, still, and you haven't done the self work, you can't help other people. And that's full stop, in my opinion. I think once you do the self work, you can then help other people and you'll be able to help other people. I think that's the misconception if you want to help people all the time, and I understand that, that sort of thing. But you actually can't help people emotionally really, unless you've done your own work, because you're also in trauma. So yeah, I think like you said, that's how we will heal the world in the sense. Yeah, sorry, carry on.

Houry Pappin  32:26  
Yeah, and so I think with these and these, this Cabal, this elite that has taken over, because we gave our power away, we, you know, we are to blame, too. So if we give our power away, if nobody's you know, residing in my body, if my spirit is somewhere else, somewhere, someone else is going to come into my body and take it over just as an example. So this is what's happened. So these people have just taken over the world. And, and they're, you know, they're, they're heading, I mean, we're heading towards food shortages, I think, no, it's definitely coming. to So getting your money out of the banks and putting it into commodities or, you know, anything tangible, precious metals is a good thing. But this is also a wake up call for us, it's a wake up call to take back our power. Because, you know, and this is where I'm saying is the birthing canal, we have, it's, it's, it's time to wake up, start coming together and communities, you know, growing our own foods, having our own water become totally self self sustainable, rather than giving our power away. So this is gonna take time, and some people are not gonna follow, you're gonna are gonna be following governments and you know, media and all of that, there is a bifurcation taking place, I think. So, there will be two worlds. I think there will be a world where, you know, the elite and and the control system and the surveillance and you know, Transhumanism is going it's going to take place and then we're going to have another the opposite where people come together and it's remote, we go into nature, basics, you know, healing, music, you know, creativity, growing our own foods, and and coming up with a new system and a new way of life. Yeah. Yeah.

I'm not sure how the other one, whether that's going to last or long, I think it will self destroy probably in the end. And then you have this new human new way of being to carry on, you know, living on this earth. I think I think there are benevolent beings, I believe in aliens, I believe there are others other spirits out there. And I probably, I think probably we will be able to get in touch with them too. And they will probably help us in when we are ready.

George Papp  36:01  
I think that's very interesting. Because a lot of obviously, we whether you believe it or not, is you have you should be open minded enough to have a conversation about these sort of things. I think that it will be naive of us to think that we're just, we, I mean, we've been sort of sold the story of where just some random, random event that, you know, a big bang event happened. And now suddenly, we're here is crazy. And obviously, that seems ridiculous to me now. I mean, it goes against science, that Big Bang actually can create Earth, because it expanded, but there's the it doesn't actually go with the actual formation, they actually doesn't pull together. So that own stories already. Pretty much false. So I mean, you know, these sorts of things. We have to be so open minded about everything, because we have to question everything that we think is true, basically. And

Houry Pappin  37:02  
we have to question every single thing we've been taught, from the education system, to the science to religion, every single thing has been we've been fed a lie. So you've got to we've got to go back and research and be open minded and question all these things. And come to a conclusion ourselves. Yeah. Yeah. When you're awake, you'll know you'll know that it's all been lies.

George Papp  37:36  
Yeah, become so obvious, doesn't it? Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, I guess, I guess, to move on to what you're currently doing in your own personal life to prepare for what's coming. And also any projects that you're working on?

Houry Pappin  37:53  
Yeah. Can I just mention also that in you know, I've, I use NES health, which is I'm a practitioner of and NES health is like a bio energetic resonance. Biofeedback system, which I have been using since 2010. And I became a practitioner of, and that has helped me so much, so much through all the traumas I went through, since 2010. To help me balance myself, basically because it works on the human body field, and it works on energy and frequency and, and gives you the correct information to balance you out, basically. So I'm a practitioner of that, and I use that basically, most of the time on myself and I have clients also who, who, who are who, you know, who used that. So, and it can, this can be done you can be anywhere in the world and your, your voice, because its energy and vibration and frequency can be recorded through through the portal, and I get your scan basically, I can see what's happening in your body field, from the meridians, from the organs from the nutritional stuff like the minerals and the vitamins and the heavy metals and the mind body length, the traumas, the the emotions, the chakras. So, I can see all of that in a scan. And then I can recommend stuff from nutrition to to the corrective remedies to you know, if you if you need to get tests done, etcetera. So I use that for myself. And what, what, what I'm how I'm Preparing is I want to get out of where I am now. I advise everybody to get out of the smart cities, smart cities is where the 5g and the surveillance and the vaccine passports and all of that is is going to take place. And it's all gonna come together and the CBDCs and the digital currencies. And so, getting out of sight cities, I'm actually looking at Zanzibar at the moment. But I'm also going to go to Panama, because I think having an option in South America is a good thing. So I'm gonna go and get my permanent residency, which is, which is very cheap to get actually in Panama. So I'm doing that as an option. And I've stored up I stocked up on some food and not not much, but I have because everything is kind of like going very expensive here. It already it already is a very expensive place. So I have, I've also got little, you know, plants around tomatoes. Leaves meant and I'm growing a few things, but I know I'm not gonna stay here for very long, hopefully not not more than than six months. I'm hoping I can find somewhere else to move to. I'm still not, you know, I'm just waiting for the synchronicities and the signs, because that's how I operate. You know, I wait for the signs. And what else am I doing? I'm, I've bought silver, I bought gold. I've got bought bought a bit of platinum, I've got some Kryptos. And, and with George's help, I'm going to hopefully go into the stable coins. I haven't done that yet. And oh, in terms of health, I recommend, you know, taking these as, as staples basically nearly every day. So vitamin liposomal, vitamin C, like to 1000 milligrams, zinc, selenium, vitamin D, if you're not getting it where you are from the sun. Quercetin but not every day, where certain is a good one.

It's kind of like an anti inflammatory. And what was what was the other one? Magnesium for sure. And put potassium is another good one. So I think if and NAC N acetylcysteine. That's NAC which is a precursor to glutathione which is very important, especially to eradicate heavy metals. Which we are bombarded with everywhere. Yeah. And yeah, I'm sorry, be complex, be complex, very important. B 12. is very, very important. B 12. Yeah.

George Papp  43:43  
It makes a difference, doesn't it? I actually take pretty much that whole list nearly. There was a few that I haven't yet. But yeah, I think it's important because we need to realize that most of the food we're getting, if we're not already growing organically as it hasn't got these these vitamins or minerals in them anymore. They're pretty much just not giving you the nutrients you need. So having the sort of vitamins and minerals on hand is always good. Also, going back to where you are based, I think if you can't get out of where you are in insert in terms of a country, at least leaving the major population zones is is the step that you could take. I think that's probably I think you would agree the best course of action. Yeah, so I don't know if you're in Canada where you can't really leave if you haven't had a medical procedure, then, you know, at least moving into like areas where it's, you know, just sparsely populated, you'll probably be okay. In my opinion. Obviously, there's no guarantees, but I think being outside the cities is the most important move that anyone can make. In the next year, probably in the next year or two, without being in fear without being in fear as well, because I think the fear will bring the issues to you as well. I think that's a key one as well. Yeah, go ahead. Yeah.

Houry Pappin  45:10  
Yeah, no, it's gonna say it's, we have to come together, we have to really come together. Because, you know, we've been programmed to, to be separate, you know, to compete with each other to Oh, my family, and, you know, everything, everything, like to be selfish and separate. And, and this is how they have divided and ruled us controlled us. So now it's the opposite, it's time to come together with like minded people with, with your friends or whoever, who think alike, come together and establish something because it's when when when you all put something together, when you all work together, you put money together, you will benefit. Um, I, you know, I can't, I can't stress that enough. It's, and this is what I want to do. I'm, I'm, you know, I've got a few friends around the world, and we're planning to buy something together and to live, live off and the land and, and nature and water, and you have your animals and, you know, it's it's win win.

George Papp  46:23  
Yeah, is, once you're self sustainable, there's no pressure. And I know, a lot of people are thinking, I don't have time for that, or I've got mouths to feed, which is true. However, you won't actually probably need a job. But in the end, if you have a self sustaining place of your own, so there wouldn't be a pressure of I need income, ASAP, and I need to do this, you know, do a job you hate, etc, you'll be more free. So, you know, build the resources is very important. Now, if you haven't already, just try and build the resources that you have. And then yeah, move into tangible assets, that's for sure.

Houry Pappin  47:07  
And the thing is, we come to this to this world with gifts, we each have a talent. And you know, when you when you come together with with a group of friends of people like mind, and you and you come together and you share your gifts, or you, you you create something, you can create something together. And that can be something that you sell to the world, you know, maybe you create a retreat or something, you have a well being center or something and, and that's how you make an income with with with, you know, with the with the community that and the land that you've, you know, you've invested in,

George Papp  47:53  
yeah, and once you do the self work, and that goes back to this and always in the end, right, once the self work happens, and you get more and more out of the trauma, and out of the ego, you have more opportunity and you know, the talent you have, or you will know what your calling was. And then you can obviously use that to you know, make a living or, you know, move into a place where you're happier. And that's the big thing is always it always goes back to your, your traumas and getting out of those those situations. So, yeah, I guess. Thanks, Harry, for joining me today. I look forward to that. Yeah, thank you. I mean, I look forward to having you again on in the future. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast on iTunes or Spotify. Plus, if you're interested in getting your money out of the banking system, protecting your wealth for the great reset, check out the show notes for a link to crypto animus Also will have links to the well being zone who is business as well as her her music and also for MassHealth as well. So you can definitely check that out if you're interested in the show notes. So yeah, peace and love to you all and thanks for coming here. Thank you peace and love to all of you. Thank you. Thank You